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5 Best Extensions For Firefox 2

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The latest major update of Mozilla Firefox incorporates functionality from the most popular extensions for the previous version. So, what will the future bring? To use the potential features of the next version of Firefox today, install the Firefox 2 extensions that won the hearts of Download.com editors Seth Rosenblatt and Peter Butler.


Why bother switching to another application to manage your music player when you've got this extension? This summer's update to version 2 added a host of Web functionality, such as searching for artists, photos, lyrics and albums on a variety of sites.

Address: http://www.download.com/FoxyTunes/3000-11745_4-10336787.html

Tab Mix Plus

Don't like the new close button on each tab? Do you miss the multiple rows of tabs when they exceeded the width of your screen? This add-on can change those settings and almost everything else associated with tabs. Use your scroll wheel to browse through open tabs, or control tab switching via mouse gestures.

Address: http://www.download.com/Tab-Mix-Plus/3000-...4-10503067.html

MR Tech Local Install

Not only will this extension-manager extension give you comprehensive control over all aspects of your add-ons, it can override the MaxVersionNumber of older extensions that haven't been updated for version 2. It's worth installing for the "Restart Firefox" functionality alone.

Address: http://www.download.com/MR-Tech-Local-Inst...4-10507563.html

Download Statusbar

Download Statusbar takes the idea of the Download Manager, sticks it in a minimizable toolbar, and then tacks on some cool functionality. From the full mode, you can rename or delete downloaded files, or copy the source URL to the clipboard. Mini-mode changes the app to an unobtrusive progress monitor, with the full mode a click away.

Address: http://www.download.com/Download-Statusbar...4-10504082.html


With this option-laden weather-monitoring plug-in, you can choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit, create different location profiles and adjust when and how the extended forecast appears. There also are customizable icons, optional labels, day and night settings, and ForecastFox even differentiates between today's forecast and current conditions.

Address: http://www.download.com/Forecastfox/3000-1...4-10365641.html

For the top 10 list, please visit: http://news.com.com/2300-1032_3-6135076-5....?tag=ne.gall.pg

Source: http://news.com.com/2300-1032_3-6135076-5....?tag=ne.gall.pg

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VideoDownloader, AllPeers, UnPlug, DownloadHelper, Adblock Plus, Firesomething, Sage, TheHotfix toolbar (DUH!!!!!!), and PDF download

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forecast fox enhanced

Has forecastfox been fixed so that it doesn't hog system resources? Before, if I left a browser window open all night, the computer would be running really slow in the morning. I uninstalled forecastfox, and the problem went away.

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Stylish and Greasemonkey! I love having sites like Google and YouTube with a black background.

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Downloadhelper hasnt let me down yet. And the one that decrypts Experts-Exchange when ppl post solutions to tech problems.

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I have two more to add;

Customize Google

Allows users to search Google using the new "Google Suggests", and also adds links to Yahoo, MSN, etc. for search results. It also lets you filter out what you do not want as search results; "Bizrate.com" for example, which is just a bunch of advertisements.


Download Toolbar

Just a nice, and neat little toolbar that rests at the bottom of the Firefox window that holds all your downloads instead of a pop-up Download Window. I think it keeps everything a bit more organized, and lets you keep track of your download status at a glance.


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Adblock Plus All-in-one-Sidebar CustomizeGoogle IE Tab IE View Tab Mix Plus

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First we go to:


allows you to quickly and easily back up your extensions

Firefox. In fact, there is going beyondFEBE plate just make a copy

Security - it really rebuild their extensions individually

in installable. Xpi files. Now you can easily synchronize your

office and home browsers.

FEBE backup and

restores its extensions, themes, and (optionally) your bookmarks,

preferences, cookies. and much more.

Backup or so

rather like much of his environment as you like Firefox. Perform

backups on demand or schedule daily, weekly or

Monthly is unattended. Sequential backups can be

timestamp stored in directories so you can restore

back as far as you like.

You can specify

\ "user-defined \" issues that have FEBE backup

Thunderbird, Greasemonkey scripts, or virtually any data on your

PC - Firefox-related or not.

Version 6.0

allows automatic or manual load your Box.net account. Restores

Online are also integrated into FEBE.





Fire / Universal Uploader

As its name indicates, this Firefox extension is a tool

Universal load. It allows you to upload / download files of any

website using a friendly interface. In this version, Box.net (1

GB of free space), Flickr (see photo / share), Picasa (see photo /

share), Youtube (Vidoes) are compatible. You can upload videos to

Youtube, upload / download / organize photos to Picasa, and Flickr

Box.net. Next versions support from other websites like Google

Video, etc Webshots

Why do you need this extension?

There are many cases in which it has had to upload files from your computer

to a local website. The mechanism of burden standard anywhere

Web has many limitations as

* They allow you to upload 1 file or a maximum of 10 files at once.

* They do not show any information, such as load progress,

Home & downloads



The best download manager for Firefox integration,





is an extension for Firefox that changes the way in imaging


No images embedded in a Web page)

are shown.

Instead of

display against a white background in the upper left corner,

ImageTweak shows focused on the window,

against a neutral gray background

and freely allows zoom and move the image,

much more dignified as

any image viewer.

This feature was proposed to

Mozilla with a RFE

(bugzilla bug # 376997).

If you think this

should be a standard feature of Firefox,

and then to vote

for this error in bugzilla.





ScribeFire Blog Editor 3.1.4

ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor

that integrates

with the browser and allows you to easily post to your blog.





* ScreenGrab

ScreenGrab! 0.95

Posted Image

Ever wanted to save an entire web site with full height

as a picture? That's no problem with ScreenGrab - this pleasant

extension allows you to save what can be seen in the window, across the

page, only a selection or a particular frame. The extension is

the ability to save Web pages as a loss of PNG files (or

JPG) and the saved image files can be appointed to the

date (automatically) with what we always have file names




Posted Image

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