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Rat boy

McAfee suddenly appears on desktop

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My girlfriend, on booting her computer today, noticed that there is a Mcafee security scan icon on the desktop, it reports No issues found, rescan, then lower down it says Avast antivirus reporting is on and up to date, firewall on, then upgrade, to Mcafee, then another upgrade button.

Now I'm pretty confident that this hasn't been downloaded, but it's pretty blatent installing on the desktop, waiting for one of the tabs to be clickied to download some nasty.

But AVG, Adaware, and Anti-malware aren't picking it up as a baddy..

The compy runs through a router, she doesn't go on any naughty sites, other than the dreaded Facebook, and it's associated rubbish games. Had loads of trouble with Vista on that machine, might go back to xp pro, but the hdisk sounds on its last legs, remember the tandon tm262 hdisk? It sounds like one of those lol!

But if McAfee are sending free downloads of their software out to people randomly...nice! That installs in the background, and is undetected by other virus checkers..hmm...

I'm a techy that is always changing things/tweaking, and to my girl, the computer is 'the screen' lol, so no way would she download anything like that..? hmm...

Over to you clever people...Anyone have a picture of what the flash screen is on McAfee to compare?

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It comes with things like flash player if you forget to uncheck the "free security scan" box

Just goto add / remove and uninstall it


Edited by Dave

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Phew! Once again Dave to the rescue! I remember that she installed Adobe recently. Perfect explaination. Give that man a medal!

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