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Symantec begins to test Norton 360 v4

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Symantec has released the first beta version of Norton 360 v4 to Enhanced Testing members

A new test is ready to begin: Norton 360 4.0, codename Hachiko! Build 26 of Hachiko has been posted to the Hachiko Builds page for download on https://et.symantec.com/login.html, along with an activation key.

A test script has also been provided to guide you through testing for this build. Please read the test script before you install Hachiko. For this build, Virus Definitions do not get updated. Download Intelligent Updater to get the latest definitions.

Also, be sure to backup your system before you begin testing Hachiko. This will ensure that future installs can be made on a "Beta-free" system.

As a reminder, your username is "removed"

If you have forgotten your password, click the following link to reset your password - https://et.symantec.com/password/default.html.

Type your username on this page, and then answer the "secret question". Afterwards, you must type in your new password twice.

If you have any problems, please feel free to contact me either in the User Forums or by email at Tony_Weiss@Symantec.com.

Have fun testing Hachiko!

Tony Weiss

Sr. Beta Test Coordinator

Symantec Corporation

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I wonder if it is going to be a system hog like the earlier versions. If so, I don't want any!

Edited by Paul Masley

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recent symantec products have been very good performance wise.

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