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  1. Symb!0t!c

    Help me win something important to me

    For the person who asked and anyone who cares, gobo's are most commonly used in theaters and auditoriums, at concerts, really anything where there is professionally controlled lighting. I work at an auditorium that does business with Apollo, we buy gobo's from them, and saw this contest and decided, "Hey, why not, I've always thought they could use a good 'dream land' type gobo'. Most people are doing black and white pictures because those are just metal gobo's that all they do is stop light from coming through and create a picture thats it. The colorful ones like mine are made most commonly of glass and allows color and much more intricate designs, but that usually costs more, so that is probably why most people went with black and white, its a cheaper design. I hope I win, thanks a lot guys. Jons<Out>
  2. Hey guys I've just entered into a contest which is now open to votes. It is a custom gobo contest. Gobo's are pieces of metal, or glass, that you put in front of fixtures to stop light from coming through to form pictures with the light. Anyways, I'd appreciate if everyone could go to the link and vote for me atleast once, this contest means a lot to me. My entry is called Far Away Land and it's the last option on the page, click the little bubble above it and then click 'submit vote'. The link to it is here http://contest.internetapollo.com/VoteNow.aspx. Really hoping to win here, I think mine looks pretty unique. Jons<Out>
  3. Symb!0t!c

    Sweet Vista Nature Wallpapers

    Copyright is spelled like that, not copywrite, different words. Jons<Out>
  4. Yustynn was banned for not following the rules, and acting in a manner in which he shouldn't have. Jons<Out>
  5. His account was banned, and deleted, which the second part I believe was an accident. Jons<Out>
  6. Symb!0t!c

    Funny spam mail

    This is called an Advanced-Fee Fraud. I've heard of this many times before, usually called the Nigerian Scam, since it originated from Nigeria. It's talked about a little more in-depth here. You can also check stories of people who have played along with these stories and trick the scam artists. You can read them here. Jons<Out>
  7. Symb!0t!c

    Need Help From People in US

    I'll help, send me a PM with what you need done. Jons<Out>
  8. Symb!0t!c

    Funny computer Errors!

    What Maddeline Mccan one??? Are you ok? Got it! I'm an idiot. Jons<Out>
  9. Symb!0t!c

    Happy Mothers Day

    We'd like to wish you all a Happy Mother's day. Whether your a mother yourself, or you just have a mother, we'd like to wish you a happy and safe mother's day, and hope you do the same to your mother's, after all they did bring you into this world. ~The Hotfix Staff
  10. Symb!0t!c

    Last day, vote for me

    If you read my first post, you'd know but it's over now. Closing the topic. If I win, I'll get back to ya with the invites to Joost, cross your fingers. Jons<Out>
  11. Symb!0t!c

    Last day, vote for me

    It's the last day of the local contest, here's the link: here. Once again, post here if you voted for me and if I win I'll give every1 who voted for me something, say a Joost invite? I'm 3/4 the way down on the right. John McGarity, Wyoming, MI. Thanks. Jons<Out>
  12. Symb!0t!c

    Joke: Bill Gates And The Contractor

    I personally think it woulda been even funnier if at first he asked him for his license, and social security card, as like a WGA type thing to prove he was the real owner. Jons<Out>
  13. Symb!0t!c

    Need help with my new site

    Yea, they were cracking the whips way too hard at first, now they've relaxed a bit and make it that you must post in web links or link back to thehotfix.net. Jons<Out>
  14. Symb!0t!c

    Rapidshare: Love it or Hate it?

    We do download it for free. I've never paid a penny and still have downloaded plenty of files from there. There are some restrictions, but that happens when it's free. It just a good upload/download service. Jons<Out>
  15. Symb!0t!c

    Why do some people need to commit suicide?

    No, it's my way of saying 'I'm finished here.' that's why I use it when I post or when I edit things, it's saying I'm done with what I'm working on. Jons<Out> P.S. I'm not trying to take over someone's post I promise lol.