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  1. Rat boy

    My compy rebooted, then I lost;

    Everything else works, apart from the programs listed...They load, then die. As if they can't find the location of what tells the to load up.
  2. A bank at closing time has loaded up their machine, that is now giving out double cash. That is bad journalism. And the reports are exageratted. The norm ATM uses x2 £20, and x2 £10 =£60k, other sites differ, ie student sites use £5's, or vouchers are issued. So Lloyds use a traditional method of loading; so either a reed switch failed (unlikely), or a muppet loaded the wrong cash into the wrong cassette. So you would not receive double money, as they don't dispense that way. If you order £50, you get x2 £20, 1x£10. If you ordered that - you would get x2 £20, plus another £20. Not double. Impossible. The machine would likely to break down, due to bad reads, as the rejected notes would fill the purge bin to overfill, within a short time, and knock the dispenser out, as £20's are too large to fit in the £10's cartridge, so would be stuck, and purged. Always a feelgood story in the media, but sadly untrue largely, and the audit roll, that is printed off, and also stored electronically.
  3. Rat boy

    Game needed for archive; Chocks Away, Archimedes

    That is a really helpful post. Not. Why make it, only to bump it?
  4. I really don't see this technology moving forward; it's tech for tech's sake; yes we can miniturise; but to what point? Do you want a large phone, with a display to 4" to watch a film???? NO! or do you want a games console on miniture that plays old games? Not really. They are trying to be jack off all trades but master of none. Too big to be a phone, practically, and too small to be a proper gaming device/film viewing device. I see the future, like Philips did in conjunction with Nintendo; they had a workable, TV based, internet connected system in the '80's, with remote control fuction to control the games, and also an intranet system introduded later, and also DVB based games, where real time action games ie video, could be interacted with via a light gun, ie like at the arcades...It's called the Philips CDi machine. Possibly the best computer ever. It also plays DVD's.
  5. Rat boy

    Home Theater Geeks 121

    I'm not going to watch that, as my neighbour has a thing about noise...He shouts a LOT! Home theatre, I have 32" Panasonic TV, used to have 40" rear projection too big for the room. So Sherwood 5.1 Amp, Gale speakers, and Atomic sub, but the sub doesn't seem to work when watching TV, only when watching DVD, usually streamed from a PS2, via digital link, rather than my DVD recorder? I don't understand what settings should be inputted into the sub? (And when I get a powercut, which I do regularily, the sub doesn't get power and clicks/timesout for a while, before coming back online)...? Hope I'm posting in line with the post; otherwise my neighbour will be round again, complaining about noise.
  6. Rat boy

    Game needed for archive; Chocks Away, Archimedes

    It's such a generic term for a small scale game, as Archemedes computers were for education, not gaming, but this was such a fantastic game (IIRC); it may have aged, but the RISc processor in the Arc must mean it's pretty decent still? A random game such as Munchman on the computer TI99/4a, is more popular, it has it's own dedicated emulator, that comes free with the games; who knows that computer? I used to own one. Munchman, and Space Invaders on the compy are better than PacMan, and traditional Space Invaders..download it free.forget the website. Freeware.
  7. Rat boy

    My compy rebooted, then I lost;

    Everything else loads. All test programs say OK. The data is spread over 2 hdisks, compy loads quick, no bluescreens. Apart from the sudden reboot, when nothing was happening.
  8. Rat boy

    My compy rebooted, then I lost;

    MSN, My video card overclocking software, and all MAME versions. I click to load MAME, it loads up, says no available files, do a scan it finds some, then click on one, a screen pops up, then nothing. What? Why? How? What is wrong? All this after the compy took a random reset?
  9. I collect and archive classic games and emulators, from fruit machines to classic arcade machines, with Bubble Bobble, and Jet Set Willy inbetween. I'm missing a lot of Amstrad CPC464 games, some kind of miner game? and C64 games; but the main game I miss; and I've searched endlessly for it is 'Chocks Away' for the Acorn Archemedes. This was a game that you flew a biplane, hooked up two computers via serial link, and either helped each other, or went against each other. The dynamics were fantastic, because you shot a slow moving bomber, while avoiding being shot by the fighters defending it, before it reached it's target; and you had to machine gun it, so it took several flypasts to do so. And you landed if you suffered damage to refuel and get repaired, but likely to be shot up on the runway. Easy to land and take off, easy and slow, because they were bi-planes, no lag via serial link; ANY person that can code a version, or recreate this game? It must be difficult, as ARM computers used RISC processors, but surely PC technology has caught up to the late '80's ?
  10. I just read in another section that the above program can change the boot up screen to one of your own choice? Before I start messing about with that, as I have a dual boot ME/XP system, and kill the compy, can anyone explain if this is possible (In ye olde days it was autoexec.bat c:\win to bypass loading screen. But I love retro, and I loved my olde Olivetti M30(?) computer and it's keyboard with loads of 'f' keys (18 if I recall?); I'd love to use that keyboard on my PC; but also I loved the bootup sequence...and orange monochrome screen... Frozen in time, for for the kids... Bootstrapping.............OK Harddisk..........OK Memory...........OK Keyboard......OK I'd love that instead of the boring blue bar scanning across, that doesn't give a true time line of when the computer will/will not boot up, and go to bluescreen. I'm of the age of edlin, autoexec.bat, and system.com? Even worse than that, broke my teeth on CP/M - 8512 3" disks learned that really useful programming language - Pascal. Amstrad, still have a working 2386, but the monitor is beat. Add x4 AA batteries for the clock to run lol! Wordstar and dbaseII what a waste of time! Dot matrix printers, I have one a Citizen 120D; far more reliable than a modern inkjet; the ink congeals, and the cartridge is dead within a few weeks.
  11. Cheers for the reassurance and helpful advice once again Dave, I'm not one to scaremonger, but my computer took a dodgy turn a few weeks back, various things randomly deleted, such as iexplorer, msn, and graphics card overclocker, which made me think the hdisks were corrupted, ran loads of tests, nff. Then my girlfriends computer does the same (when she installed that 1-click software - it was corrupt for her - ok for me, and her explorer and msn went, and she got a recurring boot up message 'xyz wants to add you to msn, add or block', she clicks block, but the message remains. I think I've sorted it now, by deleteing some strange startup programs that I'm not familiar with. Cheers again! Can I ask when I get my Avatar back, and taken off MQ? I honestly did not receive any warning, or email, or PM.
  12. It was reported on the wires of some 'super' virus, that has been lingering on our computers for over 10 years will be activated on Monday, reported by the the FBI...that will prevent internet access..has anyone suffered problems? I'm called out to fix family and friends computers nearly daily, because they have some kind of scam/virus...even my Mum was called up, change this that and the other...took over her computer... I reckon 90% of people in this country have spam/viruses...and just ignore it...pop ups...***** extensions....go to this porn site....or maybe not, maybe they they need those? RUN A SPAM/VIRUS CHECKER EVERYONE
  13. I have just re-read some posts, that have been blocked from myself, and they don't seem offensive in any way to me? In one I question the author, that's what a forum is for surely? Then I get told in another that I've had 2 strikes, the other I'm not aware of. I only come here, for intellegent advice, from professionals, for serious reasons, and occasionialy have a laugh and joke along the way. I cannot see how I offended people, and for that, I'm sorry, if I caused offense. Maybe sometimes, I talk too much, add a bit of personal data, that people don't wan't to see; but I'm certainly not out to upset people, or cause distress on a personal level. I'm passionate what I am, and do, so if I carry on, I'm sorry!!!!!!!!
  14. My partner recently upgraded to this (I've an old version 2008, that works fine), but is obsessed as it fixed a major problem on her computer; but the trial lasted 15 days...that has now run out. So she requires some kind of code? Is that available/possible?
  15. I think the current consoles concentrate on movement to control the game, whereas PC's have no generic input system, so if someone brought out a generic control system for PC's, that could be used for flight games, analogue, with many buttons, to digital for arcade games, and a license agreement between the manufacturers, and MAME, so say a Sega controller can be plugged in, or N64, or Atari, so there is a market there to license their software out, but also sell hardware to have a generic device for the controllers? Even a cover to put over the keyboard, to replicate the controls of pay devices like Double Dragon. or Too'Bin ? I hope someone from MS is reading, because we are losing the old technology. And playing old games using the keyboard is hard. What controller do people use in the latest games on PC? The games I play use mouse and keyboard. I have a PS2 controller installed but it keeps going wonky.