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  1. I visit yify Torrents every weekend to check out the new releases
  2. Fantastic! Thanks Dave! Need to use it all the time
  3. MrDan

    The 'You're banned' thread

    Damn! You just pulled it out and BAM! Right in the kisser! Banned for having a link in your sig that no longer works!
  4. MrDan

    New/Upgraded Rig

    Stop it! Or you'll end up with a frying pan over ya head from your missus!
  5. MrDan

    The 'You're banned' thread

    I'd like to change the rules and ban my self for being lazy Banned for having the old THF logo in your avatar!
  6. MrDan

    The 'You're banned' thread

    Banned for mentioning bans more than once in the sentence!
  7. MrDan

    The 'You're banned' thread

    banned for being a G+ member I use it as well though
  8. MrDan

    tapatalk info wanted

    AFAIK, the mod has to be installed onto the IPB forums. 1. Can't say I've used it, because it's not a free app on Android AFAIK. 2. Why not use the IPB app?
  9. MrDan

    New staff!

    Something that important not going Tracked Next Day?! Yeah RM geek coming out xD
  10. MrDan

    The 'You're banned' thread

    Banned for having hidden faces in your signature
  11. MrDan

    New staff!

    Hey! Welcome to the team Taz
  12. I thought I heard the words Megaupload muttered in the song when I heard it on the radio!
  13. MrDan

    New/Upgraded Rig

    Does it "feel" any faster? Honestly you really need a SSD, Dave! Flipped my whole PC from a POS (and I honestly think my PC isn't bad spec wise) lagging f**ker that occasionally worked to a speed demon! And having 2 OCZ Agility 3's in RAID 0 with a burst speed of 1GB/s (yes gigaBYTE). Cost a little over £100 for the pair. I have to say, it's the best upgrade (apart from my GPU) that I've made to my PC.
  14. YAY! Thanks Dave! Honestly thought there would be some other interest! . oh well, I'm really looking forward to being able to find some time to play this
  15. MrDan

    New/Upgraded Rig

    Tin case?