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  1. Xavier

    Ok, Rapidshare are awesome!!!!!!

    RapidShare listens and acts: One package for all users July 06, 2010 As a result of the recent adjustments to our product and pricing model we have received a lot of feedback from our users. There was also positive response but we want to be honest with you: most answers were negative. With our adjustments we have alienated many users. As a matter of course, that was not our intention. Instead, it is our goal to introduce a system that gives our users more flexibility. However, we are happy about every single user response that we have received as this is the only way we can learn what our users really want. That is the reason why we have fundamentally revised our offer one more time and made it much simpler. In addition to the free Premium Accounts, with immediate effect there is only one package for everybody: RapidPro For 99 Rapids users immediately receive a traffic volume of 30 GB and a storage volume of 10 GB which last for 30 days. See Prices If users need more volume, they can buy extra volume, of course. Each additional 1 GB of storage costs 2 Rapids per 30 days. 5 GB additional traffic volume will be charged with only 14 Rapids. Additional storage: 1 GB = 2 Rapids/month Additional traffic: 5 GB = 14 Rapids Unused traffic volume does not expire. You will only be charged for additional storage if you activate the "keep files forever" option. The prices for Rapids remain the same as before. See Prices That means that users can use their RapidPro 30 days for only 99 Cent making the new RapidShare second to none also in terms of value for money. Please note that users have the following options in their account settings: Keep files forever: This option is not activated in the default settings. This means that if users exceed their storage volume, files that have not been downloaded for 60 days will automatically be deleted.Automatic purchase of traffic: This option is activated in the default settings. As soon as users reach the limit of their traffic volume, they will automatically buy additional volume.Automatic RapidPro Extension: This option is activated in the default settings. RapidPro-Packages will automatically be extended after 30 days if the user still has Rapids left. Users can change these settings at any time in their account settings. We are convinced that we will meet our users' needs with the new and simple model.
  2. Xavier

    Ok, Rapidshare are awesome!!!!!!

    I might have something to do with the changes happening today:
  3. Xavier

    Forums are back!

    OMG OMG OMG I can actually access the forums. I was going mad
  4. Xavier

    Forums upgraded to v3.1.0

    IP.Board 3.1.1 is due out next week to fix some of the bugs that crept into the final version More Information: http://community.invisionpower.com/blog/1174/entry-5055-ipboard-311-whats-new/
  5. Xavier

    Forums upgraded to v3.1.0

    This security feature can be disabled in the ACP of IP.Board (hint hint). To make it work better for everyone the following settings should be changed in: Tools & Settings > System Settings > System > Security and Privacy Reset member's log in key upon each log in? No Match user's IP Address during session validation Yes Match user's browser during session validation No With this users would be able to log into any computer sharing the same IP address using multiple tabs and web browsers
  6. Xavier

    Forums upgraded to v3.1.0

    Working fine here. They have an updated version submitted to apple which should be up anyday now.
  7. Xavier

    Forums upgraded to v3.1.0

    The iPhone app is free in the app store with an android version in development
  8. Xavier

    Forums upgraded to v3.1.0

    Sunny do a hard refresh or clear cache Off-Topic posting using IP.Board iPhone app
  9. Xavier

    Forums upgraded to v3.1.0

    Please perform a hard refresh on the page or clear cache to fix the search icon as it's likely you are viewing a cached copy. Needs logo on CleanCut skin
  10. The Windows Live Preview website requires a password to login
  11. HP Drive Key can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/products/servers/supportsoftware/cp006001-006500/cp006049.exe
  12. The Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 was first introduced last May as a series of 6 applications that are designed to showcase Windows Touch in Windows 7 and to help people learn touch gestures. It consists of 3 casual games, and 3 Microsoft Surface applications that have been created for Windows 7. Until today, the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 was only available for OEMs to put on new Windows 7 PCs capable of Windows Touch. Due to feedback and requests from both partners and customers, we are releasing the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 for anyone with Windows Touch capable devices to download. Download: Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 If you have a Windows 7 PC or a multitouch monitor that supports Windows Touch in Windows 7, the Touch Pack for Windows 7 is a good way for you to be able to truly test the multitouch investments we’ve made in Windows 7. For more information on the Microsoft Touch Pack or Windows 7, see this blog post.
  13. Xavier

    Sorry.I'm leaving the forum

    Noooo, Come Back You will be sadly missed. Good luck in your future endeavours
  14. Xavier

    Apple to launch iPhone HD and OS 4.0 on June 22?

    Found this on youtube don't know whether or not it is real