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  1. I was doing pretty good Dave, until you completely and utterly smashed my scores in most situations. For some reason I score higher in Ice Storm for everything but PhysX.
  2. My bad, previous tests were with Vsync enabled >.>" Ice Storm without Vsync is 102,045, not 14,680. I'll do the other tests shortly.
  3. "3DMark" with vsync accidentally enabled. 14680 Ice Storm 9964 Cloud Gate 6814 Sky Diver 2949 Fire Storm Why does the Ice Storm test results not include a comparison against other peoples scores? :/
  4. http://thehotfix.net/forums/index.php?/tracker/issue-8-main-website-suggestions/?view=getnewpost Just thought I'd bring more attention to it as I dunno if anyone checks the tracker these days.
  5. Just because it is fixed, doesn't mean the fix has been released to the public.
  6. Eh original game was bleh as Mickey always shot paint well below where I was aiming, always missing the cross hair.
  7. Disabled the option in Folder Options to hide unused drives?
  8. Keep in mind 32bit programs (Like most games) can only access up to 4GB of physical RAM on a 64bit O/S so even if you have 64GB of RAM, disabling the swap file can still cause problems for some game/software products that are built around that limitation by utilizing the swap file while flushing out currently unused RAM or to ensure that the game doesn't run out of memory from memory leaks which can push it over the 4GB boundry.
  9. Open your laptop and check how much space is inside. I would be leaning towards no, no more HDD's then what was in there to begin with,
  10. Yep I figure that as well. Anyone else notice that the Task Manager in Windows 8 ditches the "Applications" tab? I can only imagine the confusion of noob users who are told to use Task Manager to close problematic programs and then not find them listed in Task Manager because they are only listed on the Processes tab which lists things by file name (A name other then what the program is called while the program is running). Task Manager as a whole looks (In general) **** loads better then previous Windows versions as well. It looks so much more friendly it just isn't funny and is way better at (Organizing) presenting the end user with information.
  11. Hmm okay, I mostly skimmed over the results in Google and only clicked one or two of them. They all seemed to be talking about Microsoft planning to include an antivirus with windows 8 and how that could be trouble for other antivirus vendors but none of them were up to date or mentioned that it was already in effect in the CP/DP. The link you yourself provided also doesn't actually say it is a part of the DP or CP either, it just says "Microsoft has announced plans to ship anti-virus software with the upcoming Windows 8 operating system.", nothing at all about them having already implemented it.
  12. I did a bit of googling and couldn't find anything at all that indicated that. Anyways it installed and updated fine...
  13. Most annoying thing so far? No decent Start Menu. Having to switch back and forth between the classic desktop and the ghastly new Start Menu. 2nd most annoying thing so far? Microsoft doesn't provide a list of compatible antivirus software, heck they don't even mention that there own antivirus software (MSE) is compatible (It is). 3rd most annoying thing? The 4 corners. I have pinned Taskbar shortcuts and trying to quickly hit the left most one without triggering the Start Menu is a challenge, same goes for trying to quickly click the Show Desktop button located in the bottom right corner of the display. Same goes for trying to click stuff in the top left and right corners etc. Also I notice they don't make it obvious at all that you move to the top left corner to switch between Metro applications, instead your stuck thinking your locked in to a fullscreen program with no way out!