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  1. SS Tiwari

    Battlefield 3

    The online play is a definite improvement over bad company 2. Haven't tried the Single player though. There are reports that its tedious.
  2. SS Tiwari

    Steam and Windows 7 SP1

    delete ClientRegistry.blob and AppUpdateStats.blob from your steam directory and restart steam That would fix your problem.
  3. I murdered a ninja Because i cant control myself. (06-23-1981/Blue)
  4. SS Tiwari

    Who is your ISP

    No its unlimited plan Rs. 2999 from bsnl which gives you download speed of 2Mbps for first 50 GB, and then the speed is automatically reduced to 256 Kbps. But the plan is unlimited.
  5. SS Tiwari

    Who is your ISP

    Mine is BSNL India.... around $60 pm. 2Mbps upto first 50GB and then 256Kbps unlimited.
  6. SS Tiwari

    Core2Quad Q6600 or Q8400?

    Q6600 has 8 Mb of Shared L2 cache and Q8400 is having only 4MB with slightly higher clock. In my view Q6600 is better for overclocking and all general purposes.
  7. SS Tiwari

    Post the best Photo you have ever taken.

    No Not from south. I am at a place near varanasi. That is a very Beautiful Garden cum Park called "SHIVALIK"
  8. SS Tiwari

    Post the best Photo you have ever taken.

    Here is one from my side
  9. SS Tiwari

    Official WEI score thread

    Here is mine......
  10. SS Tiwari

    Yo Momma !

    Yo momma is so naive that she can't dial 911 from her phone... guess why? she can't find number "11" on her keypad
  11. SS Tiwari

    Wanna Buy Land at Moon

    Ya you are right. But then, the question in my mind is... how the hell they can sell something nobody owns...
  12. SS Tiwari


    those are reasonably good.
  13. SS Tiwari

    Wanna Buy Land at Moon

    Hey Guys and Gals... this site lunarregistry.com is selling property at moon. Different areas have different prices... but they are cheaper than cheapest land on earth. So what do ya guys say bout it? Give me your opinions and take the poll if you guys like to... LUV
  14. I too got an invitation. Trying it...
  15. SS Tiwari

    Worrying Gfx Temperature

    There may be some problem with the sensor. At 122 deg Cel the the Graphics card should have crashed the PC.