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    pc's at the moment, im learning a lot of new ways to do things.<br />but main interests my kids and my man
  1. the dog is called sky....

  2. sky looks extremely cute on that pic.. hope your doing ok x

  3. Hi, my friend has locked herself out of her pc, she hasnt used it for a long time, and now is getting broadband connected but cannot remember her password. she says the error message tels her to insert a password change disk.. which she doesnt have. she cannto format her pc as she doesnt have a disk. is there a way through setup she can get into the pc??
  4. thanks dave, im not a pc genius! thats a load of dots n numbers! how do i find the 3.5 or 2.5 bits n stuff.. how come when i put the cd drive in my neighbours pc it works.. the disc spins but wheennu click on my computer there is no disk drive there..
  5. im still struggling to find what the problem is here, also can any1 tel me if i can install xp on a windows 2000 pc with a processor 110w?? please help!!
  6. ok, can any1 else help me with this, i am still stuck!!
  7. i broke msn again, its gone, i fixed it and then my contacts went away.. i tried to add them again I dont understahnd a word of what u typedup there
  8. ok, i broke my pc doing this. i swapped over my spare cd drvie form my pc and it was the same fittings as the other one so now they have one that works. but their windows 2000 will not pick up that there is a cd drive in the computer.. but a disc spins when inserted. This has really confused me. my pc woudlnt boot with the other cd drive plugged into it, so i realised i had to unplug it (eventually!) whats happened hope u can help. Also can i install xp on to a pc with a 110w processor? what other info do u guys need?
  9. thanks
  10. if i remove a cd drive fom a dell pc, can i replace it with any other cd drive and does it need drivers to install it once it is back in place?? this might be a stupid question but i dont want to do it if i cant re-install the drivers for it.
  11. Hey hope someone ccan help me, my windows live mesenger wasnt working properly, so i googled to find a new dowlaod for one, uninstalled the old one and once successfully installed i get the message, a newer version is available you must install the newer one in order to continue.. it sends me to the internet and it tels me to put auto updates on, I tried bittorrent downlaod and softopia download i cant get one to wokr without putting updates on, i was told not to put auto updates on my pc.. Please help!! :aggressive:
  12. Very nice dave26.. loving your ideas.. do we all get to vote??