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  1. hello all....again!

  2. Yep, game are kinda boring. I end up sitting here browsing the web all day. Halo 4 MP was fun for about a week, and now...nothing...
  3. Happy Birthday Shawn_33!

  4. thanks you guys are amazing =D (Exclusive Member to Star Member)
  5. i managed to get the tablet working like literally minutes ago but now only the pen works. When i put the mouse on the tablet, the mouse icon on my screen goes to the top left section of the screen and does not move. I tried a whole bunch of other things and nothing works any help?
  6. i did but no reply yet. The thing that i dont get is that when i re-installed windows 7, it worked fine for about 2 days and then yesterday when i turned on the pc it just stopped working.
  7. Hello, i am having a problem with my wacom tablet. It wont work on my desktop pc at all no matter which port i plug it into but it works fine of safe mode or on anther pc. I taught maybe the computer was the problem so a few days ago i re-installed windows 7 and installed the drivers from the website for it but it still wont work. I don't know what to do...
  8. its not the baseband. I checked ultrasn0w it can work with the baseband that you stated. The problem is actually jailbreaking. Once the phone is jailbroken, unlocking will be easy as all you need to do is install and application and restart your phone and it is done. They just dont have any way to jailbreak and iphone 3gs that is on 4.0 that has never been jailbroken yet. Just stick at the firmware dont update from now and soon they will have a software that will work.
  9. just sit tight at 4.0 or 4.0.1 and soon someone will release one for 3gs.
  10. before you do anything check this you can jailbreak using that file if you have old boot rom if you have new you cant because you werent previously jailbroken. Your only option would be to stay at 4.0.1 and wait until there is a way. if you have old boot rom your set and can restore with that file.
  11. ah i see your problem. same thing here. I'm going to re-update my itunes and then connect my iphone. When its plugged in, you press the shift button and click restore and look for the firmware file. tell me if that works. alright this may be as simple as i can find. Tell me if it works. Get back to current itunes download this save it to your desktop open itunes connect iphone click shift press restore click the file and it should restore it This is a custom firmware which is already jailbroken for the 3gs tell me if this works im looking for more ways.
  12. okay so try shirt restore with the firmware file. Good question i never downgraded itunes on os 4.0 try using the old itunes. Ill install it here and connect mine to see what happens.
  13. okay good luck
  14. it can be 3.1.3 and worst case is that it gets bricked but you can just restore and it everything would be fine.
  15. yeah. A restore will erase everything in the phone. If you decide to do it and need help just ask i will try my best. if you jailbreak 3.1.2 you are going to need itunes 9.0 not the latest one. for some reason it doesn't work. here is the megaupload link. you would probably need to uninstall the current then install it, but don't update it until you finish the jailbreak.