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  1. Got a little PenCentra 130 here at home running Windows CE 2.11. Is there any way to get it to access a share on a NetWare 6.5 server that requires logon? I have the UNC path to the server (the tablet will recognize my local shares on my network, but they're via standard Windows workgroups.) Any help? I can't find a CE 2.11 client for Netware.
  2. Install os on 20 pc at one time

    If your client machines all need the same configuration, just install + configure the client machine the way it needs to be and use Ghost to image it to the other drives. If you're working with Windows XP, you'd also need SysPrep to set the NT Security Identifier, computer name, and force it to rebuild its' driver cache in the new machine. See http://blog.hishamrana.com/2006/02/22/how-...st-and-sysprep/. -MiNo
  3. Secured PDF flie

    No problem!
  4. Secured PDF flie

    *sigh* Do you really think I'd want to pay $19.95 or whatnot to unlock a PDF file with a program I'd need only once? The program I got was from a torrent and worked perfectly to unlock his PDF. Hell, it's unlocked a few others I tested it on.
  5. Secured PDF flie

    Check your PMs. I've sent you a link to the decrypt'd version. And for those interested in the program I used: http://cid-118f8a19cfa7a4ee.skydrive.live....mover%203.0.exe
  6. Secured PDF flie

    What's the PDF file (link/download)? I could check into it.
  7. remote desktop in server 2003

    I belive you can launch the Terminal Services client with /console to get a console session. Start > Run > "mstsc /console".
  8. Alternative to a Win XP CD/DVD? (YES!)

    Acronis TrueImage is a hard drive imaging/cloning program. It creates an image file - much like an ISO file - of your entire machine and settings, programs, files, and so on. Another program (that I personally use) is Norton Ghost. When I get a new computer, I clean-install it (with retail media or otherwise to avoid bloat from the trialware), install and activate programs I use (like Office), and then Ghost the drive and burn the resulting .GHO file to a CD/DVD (or span it across DVDs now for Vista), along with the imaging application (I have my images bundled with a bootable floppy image on the disc with CD drivers, along with Ghost on the CD itself). I placed just a standard Windows 98 SE floppy image (that I got from bootdisk.com) as my boot image on my CD. In the CD itself, I place in a folder called "GHOST" the executable (GHOST.EXE), and the image (MMDDYY_OS.GHO - I date my Ghost images and then place the OS name in it, for example "010307_HOMEPRE.GHO" or "06062006_2KPRO.GHO"), along with some basic utilities, like Partition Magic or fdisk with large disk support. Then I just start up, and issue my commands... R: CD GHOST CMOUSE.EXE GHOST.EXE My 2000 install on my ancient PC can be restored in 5 minutes with my utilities. I'm planning on working on an automated backup option - the only prompt is "Are you sure?", and that's at the beginning while it's booting up.
  9. Leopard for Asus Eee

    No, it'll run Leopard just fine. UNEASYsilence seems to have gotten theirs running it just fine (and stable, too). You'll just need to patch the DVD because it's an SSE2-only machine. That guide should help you out. Good luck! -MiNo
  10. Official Wish Breaker Game

    Granted, but unfortunately, the time machine didn't make it to 88 miles per hour and you ended up in the year 300, and are killed by Sparta. I wish for an unbreakable wish.