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  1. hopefully these work for my old ibm thinkpad r51 which has the 855 chipset I think
  2. Xterminater07

    Windows 7 Has Been Released to Manufacturing!

    d limes have u try forwarding your date in bios 2 year from now and do what i suggested to see if ur windows 7 still work?
  3. can someone install professional and let us know if this will work? either way these key will be blacklisted soon
  4. how can you use this to your advantage if you don't have a server base set up but only one pc use? can you set up using wireless networking and act as a server so that way i can connect my laptop, my sister laptop and my pc to this?
  5. robrpatty... did u forward your date in ur bios at least 2 years from today date THEN delete driver and then reinstall it like I said to see if windows update picks it up?
  6. people who have claimed this activator worked perfect, please try to forward your date from the bios 2 year from today's date then see if there is any change, if there is not change then uninstall a driver. For example uninstall your graphic card driver then run windows update to see if it detects any update for it then install it to see if it work Then you will have a fully functional and operating windows 7 "RTM" ... hehe
  7. so many builds and sigh.... i think im goin to give up on followin on this and just wait till the end of the month!
  8. part 21 http://www.rayfile.com/files/df046b19-6f65-11de-8a70-0014221b798a/
  9. wit all this done, how do we have a key to install it and activate it?
  10. not cool the way he's doin it sucks if it is fake
  11. thank you for the links cps... hopefully orbit30 will come up with a real activation for this!
  12. Xterminater07

    Windows 7 6.1.7229.0.winmain.090604-1901

    so this OEM build will "last" forever and will not expire if you have an OEM key?
  13. Xterminater07

    Windows 7 6.1.7229.0.winmain.090604-1901

    wow so many leaks :\
  14. Xterminater07

    Windows 7 6.1.7229.0.winmain.090604-1901

    hackers get ur hands ready to activate this genuinely