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  1. skywalker06

    BetaArchive.com down ?

    i still can't connect to Betaarchive.com as of now can anyone connect or know when it be back up
  2. skywalker06

    recovery help

    Hi i got a acer laptop with a recovery partition and as am getting a new os soon i deleted and remade the recovery partition and i put windows 7 install files on the disc and can install from the recovery partition but in the boot menu after setup (on a test partition )i get two entries one for booting into windows and another one saying windows setup (ems enabled) how would i stop getting the windows setup entry on the bootmenu as also when i press ALT + 10 to active the recovery partition i get a message 'HDD recovery validation failed press any key to continue' how would i get rid of this message as when i press any key it continue from the recovery partition and into windows setup. as when i get my new os i want to have a recovery partition with the setup files on but i don't want this happening every time.
  3. skywalker06

    guitair hero pc versions

    i think there where on warez-bb.org or torrent search using google
  4. skywalker06

    guitair hero pc versions

    hi i alreadly got guitar hero III and world tour but i can't find the first two can anyone help cheers
  5. skywalker06

    Guitar Hero 3 PC Guitar Controller Question

    what do you want to see would a screen pik do
  6. skywalker06

    Guitar Hero 3 PC Guitar Controller Question

    thanks guys i got the xbox wireless guitar working with my laptop through the wireless pc recivever only problem was i had to download some modified drivers for my windows 7 home premium x64 to dectect the wireless reicivever but everything is fine now and am rocking on guitar hero 3 & world tour.
  7. skywalker06

    Guitar Hero 3 PC Guitar Controller Question

    thanks guys for all the help i borrowered my maates wireless xbox guitar and just brought the xbox pc reciveverr and have the xbox software installed so when my xbox pc wireless recivert comes i can play guitar hero and world tour with a guitar instead of mouse and keyboard cheers again
  8. skywalker06

    Guitar Hero 3 PC Guitar Controller Question

    ok installed the xbox controller softwarwe as my mate got a wireless 360 guitar can the guitar be wireless or do it need the be wired controller and if not can i buy the wire seperate and where from cheers for all the help guys!
  9. Hi would a xbox or ps3 Guitar controller work for the pc version as i really want to play the pc version with a guitar not the mouse a keyboard cheers
  10. skywalker06

    Windows 7 x64 Gaming?

    this will hide daemon tools and other emulation tools so you can run this batch file than run the game you having problems with run the batch file to hide now run the game run the batch file again to unhide them hides SCSI (Virtual Drives like Daemon Tools) Alcohol 52% + 120% CloneCD Blindwrite you need to rename the file extenstion from .txt to .bat to be able to run it this is just a little script i use to get around some copy portection, also make the virtual drive (Daemon tools) the first drive as some copy protection only run from the first drive than after you finish remove the virtual drive from daemon tools to make your physical drive first again SCSI & Alcohol 52% Hider.txt
  11. the torrent has more trackers than the one listed you need to seperate the trackers on the properties page by a line each
  12. skywalker06

    has win 7 sp1 really leaked ?

    sorry about the confusion i didn't mean the rtm build i meant a beta build of sp1 and did 7229 leak or not
  13. skywalker06

    has win 7 sp1 really leaked ?

    yeah here a link to wzor but it dosn't work http://www.wzor.info/page/app/7227.0.x86fre.winmain_sp.090602-2110.client_en-us.ultimate.vhd.rar.torrent
  14. skywalker06

    has win 7 sp1 really leaked ?

    correct me if i am wrong but don't they start sp1 before rtm gold comes out ? just found this http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4954810/Windows_7_RC_%287227-0-090602-2110%29_Ultimate_32_bit_DVD_SPOriginal and this http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_dwrCDjIWCrA/Si-96xtlFuI/AAAAAAAABKM/dTX3MD43GQA/s1600-h/7227_1.jpg http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_dwrCDjIWCrA/Si--_J7rxaI/AAAAAAAABKU/tzJXuwq4euM/s1600-h/72270x86frewinmain_sp090602-2110client_en-usultimate_2.JPG could be really the sp1 build
  15. skywalker06

    has win 7 sp1 really leaked ?

    just done a google search for windows 7 sp1 and i read that build 7227 (7227.0.x86fre.winmain_sp.090602-2110.client_en-us.ultimate.vhd) has been leaked and its a rar file with a vhd inside supposily sp1 build 7227 can anyone comfirm all the links i found are dead atm EDIT: there are two file sizes for this leak so could be a fake