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  1. PrEzi3

    Windows Vista SP2 coming!

    I just wanted to share my two cents with users who have problems finding the beta SP2 update. I've had similar problems as some described here : Running Vista 32bit Ultimate ENG, everything up - to date with updates, SP1 installed + all security fixes and other things, changed the regional settings, time zone, keyboard etc. to US/English GMT -8 All that it did after the reg-hack was update the Servicing Stack (4-5 MB update) for SP2 and never showed actual SP2 beta, did tens of reboots and updates search, checked the reg entries - all was OK. After that I've thought that I try to uninstall one MUI Language pack that I've installed - polish one. After I removed it and rebooted - BAM ! SP2 beta showed up. Now I'm downloading at 55% and counting Hope this helps the other users that have similar problems.
  2. PrEzi3

    Vista Taskmanger Problem

    Just another quick idea which might work : Doubleclick on the side-boarder of the task manager ?
  3. PrEzi3

    Vista Taskmanger Problem

    Have you tryed to edit the view - select colums in the task manager ? Try it and if you don't see the tab - press L alt + v - select columns - customize your view. Please try to scan it with ESET NOD32 latest with latest AV updates and Spybot Search & Destroy. If there is all ok then please do a memory diagnosis (with either inbuild in Vista Memory tester or better - download memtest) Are your HDD's ok ? Do a Diagnosis on them too (chkdsk, surface scanning would be good to include in the tests). Do you have SP1 ? Because if not it could be a sign of reduced funct. mode
  4. PrEzi3

    Vista-Microphone blues

    I'm using my Logitech Z5500 5.1 speakers attached to Audigy 2 Value @ KXdrivers Plus I have my mic (standalone not headset) attached to a jack plug in the mainboard and running it as a default recording device on Realtek ALC850 with R1.95 drivers (but it worked with earlier drivers too). Unfortunately don't have a USB mic (I mentioned it's the cheapest I could find, cause I use it only for Teamspeak and Skype) so I can't help you with it.
  5. PrEzi3

    Vista-Microphone blues

    Weird. I've got the 'levels' settings on the microphone and I can get it to work way much better in Vista than in XP (better drivers ? ) I use the latest from Realtek - R1.95 I think... and always updated them to the latest - not a single problem. Oh... and I have a really really cheap micro attached to my PC.
  6. PrEzi3

    Looking for way to activate (not a crack)

    To activate a version from the stickers key you need the exact OEM version from the manufacturer. If it was a sticker form HP -> HP, Asus -> Asus OEM etc.
  7. What about compatibility with other browsers ? Is it at last compatible with Opera or Safari ?
  8. PrEzi3

    Vista SP1 Vs XP SP3 Official Topic

    Also note that many PCs come with Vista pre-installed by OEM vendors, and those PCs are loaded with alot of crapware stuff which slow vista to a crawl.
  9. PrEzi3

    Vista SP1 and Activation Crack

    This activator is confirmed to work with latest updates for Vista (didn't check it by myself because I have a hard-modded bios) : http://rapidshare.com/files/107497102/Vst.X-Free.AO_2.
  10. Here it is : http://rapidshare.com/files/107497102/Vst.X-Free.AO_2.
  11. The best way of 'cracking' Vista is to mod your bios. That way you're nearly 100% safe against today and future updates which detect emu-bios methods used in today's cracks. My friend however used the 'Vst.X-Free.AO_2.' emu-bios crack, and has confirmed it working with SP1 + latest updates.
  12. PrEzi3

    [REVIEW] X-Fi XM Value Series

    you may try this one... http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/genericSoftwareDownloadIndex?cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en&softwareitem=pv-54587-1&jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN