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  1. cr1t1cal

    Wheres The Veterans of the Hotfix?

    Do I class as a Veteran? I havent used any board in a few years! Hopefully I can change this!
  2. cr1t1cal


    So, wandering along the internet as you do and came along this old legend of a forum, havent posted on a forum in since.... forever... but here I am! Hiya again! Glad to see THF.net is still up and running!
  3. cr1t1cal

    Farquard Promoted!

    Congrats matey boy !
  4. cr1t1cal

    Check out the new JoeJoe.org!

    Lookin forward to seeing it mate
  5. cr1t1cal

    Check out the new JoeJoe.org!

    You should be able to edit the skin without ftp access you can do that in acp uness you've got acp restrictions. However its handy having ftp access for the smaller details ! If you guys get ftp access and u need a new skin doin lemme know ! I can happily give you a hand
  6. cr1t1cal

    Check out the new JoeJoe.org!

    Glad you liked it mate ! you guys seriously need to get in touch with your founder ! tell him to gt his finger out!
  7. cr1t1cal

    Check out the new JoeJoe.org!

    So over at JoeJoe.org we've now finnished our V3 upgrade check it out and let us know what you think
  8. Im not sure about this one to be fair, Im treating it as it was stated in the post as someway a smear campaign ! They're way of saying "were out to get you" I dont think he realized the scale of what he leaked and the consequences that were involved
  9. cr1t1cal

    Fun with Loose Women

    hahaha amazingly funny!
  10. cr1t1cal

    Official Word Association Thread

  11. cr1t1cal

    Google Chrome

    Im a firefox man myself, As much as I love Safari (im a mac user) I just find firefox nice and speedy and fast, you know once u get used to a browser and u just seem to fall inlove with it ! hahaha thats me and my lovely firefox !
  12. cr1t1cal

    How Much Did Your Computer(s) Cost?

    Yhe laptop im on now cost me just over a thousand pounds just over a year ago the spec isnt anything impressive its a sony Vaio VGN FE series with 1gb of ram erm an Nvidia Go7400 gfx card and 100gb HDD err, used more or less one a month when I cant be bothered with the desktop! The desktop was around £1,000 and the spec is as follows: Processor / CPU Intel® Core™2 Quad processor Q9300 Operating system genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium Graphic card / GPU NVIDIA® GeForce® 9800 GT (512 MB dedicated VRAM) Sound HD Audio 7.1 Hard disk drives / HDD 1 TB SATA2/7200 rpm Optical disk drives / ODD Blu-ray Disc™ drive (read and write BD/DVD) Connectors Front: 2x USB 2.0, 1x Mic in, 1x Stereo out, 1x 20-in-1 card reader Rear: 6x USB 2.0, 1x IEEE1394 (FireWire™), 1x LAN (RJ-45), 2x DVI, 1x Mic in, 1x Line in, 1x TV out, 1x S/PDIF (coax.), 1x S/PDIF (opt.), 1x Component out Connectivity LAN: Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s), WLAN: up to 300 MBit/s (IEEE 802.11b/g/draft-n) === Something missed out in the above was the ram its 4GB DDR2!
  13. cr1t1cal

    OS X on x86-laptop?

    A complete guide on doing it <--- clicky