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    My Laptop:
    Apple MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011
    CPU: 2.0GHZ Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge
    Ram: 8GB DDR3 1066MHZ
    Hard Drive: 500gb Sata
    Graphics: Intel HD 3000 512MB and AMD Radeon HD 6490M 256MB
    OS: Mac OSX 10.7 Lion
    Windows 7 Ultimate x64
  1. Spartan 117

    Official iPad 2 jailbreak released

    i think he is asking how much it costs, its free
  2. Spartan 117

    Ipad 2 vs Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1

    i dont see much difference
  3. Spartan 117

    Apple's latest iPhone 4 problem - Glassgate

    i hope my new iPhone 4 doesnt have this happen
  4. Spartan 117

    How much time does your Windows 7 take to boot?

    My comp from power button to login screen takes 1min 20 sec
  5. Spartan 117

    Bug with windows live messenger

    yeah true its the same here its annoying
  6. Spartan 117

    Bug with windows live messenger

    maybe but i dont think micro$oft would stop wlm from working the way it should
  7. Spartan 117

    Bug with windows live messenger

    i am having an issue here anyone not on ebuddy or webmessenger are appering as offline even if there appering online on there end and if i am on wlm they dont see me as online
  8. Spartan 117

    Windows 7 7201 leaking...

    i agree.
  9. Spartan 117

    Download Windows 7 build 7127

    my win7 build 7127 is running great it does not lockup on me or anythin my specs are: 1 amd phenom quad core 9950 be overclocked to 3ghz 8gb ddr2 kingston hyperx 1033 2x 1tb hdds in jbod gigabyte ma770-us3 motherboard nvidia geforce 9600gt it all runs good
  10. Spartan 117

    Download Windows 7 build 7127

    hey i am not sure if it is my eyes or my monitor or microsoft have changed the logon screen alittle cause it looks darker than in build 7100.
  11. Spartan 117

    Windows Vista BSOD

    Nah it is a new computer not evan 6 months old
  12. Spartan 117

    Windows Vista BSOD

    When I Shutdown My Laptop I Get A Blue Screen it is a driver power state failure 0x9F I Have 2 External Hard Drives Connected To It And it is an msi s430 with windows vista ultmate