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  1. anyone know when the RTM will appear on Technet or MSDN? thanks
  2. norbertbon

    To all FPS fans....

    10x dude
  3. norbertbon

    MacOS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Beta Build 10A380

    anyone made it for pcs?
  4. norbertbon

    Win7 build 7106 will be leaked within 24h !

    microsoft is supposed to release a clean RC build later this month better wait for it and use 7077 for now
  5. norbertbon

    Celerate Coolyandy2 1,000 Post

    and i am still a n00b
  6. norbertbon

    Next Office and Exchange named 2010

    can any one try to get Office 14 on TechNET?
  7. norbertbon

    Leaked Windows 7 Build 7068 Sold on eBay

    lol do people who know really about beta testing need help in dowloading betas? less informed people might think it is the final version of 7 what do you guys think?
  8. norbertbon

    Great Windows 7 website!

    With PowerPoint 07 you can do that work in few minutes
  9. norbertbon

    Win7 Beta1 on technet

    Technet (or some pirate site but not recommended)
  10. norbertbon

    MacBook Wheel revealed

    These guys made a lot of vids which can get them in serious trouble: e.g. the flying cars interview
  11. norbertbon

    New police measures in UK

    Man if someone would try to hack into my WiFi network, it is impossible since it is only available inside. And if they do it would be fun to play with their computers xD
  12. norbertbon

    Windows Live Onecare Freebie!

    I think if you are going cheap AVG free edition or Avira free edition is better
  13. norbertbon

    cant download windows live messenger

    Pirated version might not work but AVG anti virus was making some conflicts with build 14.0.8050.1202 I am using Kaspersky IS 09 (original) and it works like a charm
  14. yeah What is your psn name so i can add you? I am bertu91