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  1. atrapine

    Offical Desktop Thread!

    Givin vista some theme love for a change lolz
  2. atrapine

    Season's Greatings to all

    And a merry xmas to you and all of hotfix. And have a safe and happy newyear
  3. atrapine

    A very good Deal on computer

    A lot of it is AMD trying to get back into the race with Intel so they are massively undercutting there prices on there chips across the board. Which is good for the buying public. Also DDR2 Ram has hit rock bottom prices and the 8800GT has just been Replaced by the 9800. So You get a Good PC for less $$$ :thumbsup2:
  4. atrapine

    A very good Deal on computer

    With 8Gig of memory on a quad it should be a video encoding monster. :thumbsup2: Am gonna invest in a 9600Phenom Black my self.
  5. atrapine

    A very good Deal on computer

    :thumbsup2: I would say grab it. It looks like a very good computer for the price and the phenom isnt a bad CPU.
  6. atrapine

    Whats happened to thehotfix.net ?

    All forums seem slow at the moment? We need a new product to break. :thumbsup2:
  7. atrapine

    Whats the best sig you've ever seen?

    (Of course I could always take a good look at a teabone steak by shoving my head up a cows arse? But I'm willing to take a butchers word for it. :lolsign:
  8. atrapine

    Official Word Association Thread

  9. atrapine

    Official Word Association Thread

  10. atrapine

    Official Word Association Thread

    Bum :lolsign:
  11. atrapine

    Official Word Association Thread

    Area 51 :alien: lol
  12. atrapine

    Offical Desktop Thread!

    It's Ubuntu64bit with theme added. The wallpaper is here> http://rapidshare.com/files/92825297/The_O..._nuaHs.jpg.html Icon theme is here. http://gnome-look.org/content/show.php/bla...s?content=72621 The dock is Avant Window Manager. And the clock is cairo clock.
  13. atrapine

    Offical Desktop Thread!

    The desktop I use most when I'm not on my EeePc :lolsign:
  14. atrapine

    What mobile/cell phone do you have?

    Dont bother with my mobile but I am getting pretty addicted to using my EeePC