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  1. Super-Magician

    Farewell to The Hotfix

    Dear all visitors, members and staff, Our website and forums will be shutting down as of 31 July 2019. Thank you so much for your patronage and for helping us serve the technology community since 2004. Take care! Super-Magician on behalf of TheHotfix.net Admins
  2. Super-Magician

    Wheres The Veterans of the Hotfix?

    Nice to see you still around, cr1t1cal
  3. Super-Magician

    Wheres The Veterans of the Hotfix?

    I thought I could be more on top of things 2 years ago, but sadly I only have time to check in every once in a while. Re: issues with logins, usernames were eliminated with the upgrade to IP.Board 4 and display names became the way to log in. Unfortunately it was around then that I discovered email wasn't set up properly on the new server, so we had quite a few months of undeliverable mail.
  4. Super-Magician

    HTTPS and IPv6 support

    Hey everyone, We now have full encryption for all site traffic! This was accompanied by a move to a new server running nginx, which should be much faster than our previous Apache configuration. SSL Server Test: https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=thehotfix.net Enjoy! Super-Magician on behalf of TheHotfix.net
  5. Super-Magician

    Apologies for the downtime

    The forums were down for about a day due to a crashed table in the database. It has been repaired and there should be no consequences.
  6. Super-Magician

    We moved servers!

    Quick Reply works fine for me in both Chrome 35 and Firefox 29
  7. Super-Magician

    We moved servers!

    Hey everyone, The server migration is finally complete. Hopefully this will give us more stability going forward. The board software has also been upgraded to IP.Board v3.4.6. As always, let us know if you encounter any issues. Welcome!
  8. Super-Magician

    Forums upgraded to v3.4.4

    Hmm, not there for me either. Not sure what to tell you...
  9. Super-Magician

    Forums upgraded to v3.4.4

    I gave you access. Thanks!
  10. Super-Magician

    New/Upgraded Rig

    Thanks for the tips, haha. Yeah, I knew there was something off about my graphics score but I didn't have a chance to look into it and never performed another rating. I think I noticed the GPU core clock detection was wrong anyway though. I have the 7970 GHz edition and I need at least 12.6 beta drivers for that or something, but instead of gaming I use my rig for stuff like Bitcoin mining and password cracking. Those tend to perform poorly if I always install the latest drivers.
  11. Super-Magician

    Forums upgraded to v3.4.4

    I'll look at the template failures. Heh, I always forget to check the other skins after upgrading, my bad. As for the error_log issues, I believe that was from when I performed the upgrade (took longer than I expected because of connectivity on my end).
  12. Super-Magician

    Forums upgraded to v3.4.4

    Hi everyone, the board software has been updated to IP.Board 3.4.4 (finally). Let us know here if you find any bugs!
  13. Super-Magician

    New/Upgraded Rig

    Hmm, I feel like I'm late to the party. This is from a while ago (I actually have 32 GB RAM now)... http://www.3dmark.com/3dm11/5090273
  14. Super-Magician

    Forums upgraded to v3.3.3

    The forums have now been upgraded to IP.Board v3.3.3. Please let us know if you encounter any issues, have feedback/comments, etc. Enjoy! Super-Magician on behalf of TheHotfix.net
  15. Super-Magician

    Forums upgraded to v3.3.2

    Hmm, that's odd. I thought it wasn't working on the default skin either but it looks fine here, so I'll just replicate the code onto the other skins. That's what I had to do to fix some of the headers that were wonky. Edit: Fixed