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  1. Sounds a bit scary so I installed the patch & it updated the Add-on - Adobe shockwave flash object to their latest. Thank you for the tip Dave.
  2. I installed this TP 9926 x64, installed quickly & is working ok, on the test rig on a partition. I am thinking since MS said Wednesday "next week" & all the 10000 build numbers (on Build the W update builds list) that this one isn't the final January TP/CP. Have to wait & see I suppose.
  3. SmokeMe

    happy new year to all

    Thank you guys Happy New Year to all here too, hope everyone has a fantastic 2015
  4. There are some stunning images for sure, one sometimes needs to ask.. What is that?
  5. SmokeMe

    Merry xmas ALL

    I wish you (& all) a great xmas too. & a Fantastic 2015
  6. Seems like it was the Technical Preview we got last October (b9841), is the January 2015 called Technical Preview again?
  7. I would do a clean install anyway, I really don't think MS would not release new ISOs for the next preview drop, have to wait-&-see I suppose.
  8. Thanks for posting this Dave. I tried-it-out on W10 TP (on test rig) & had no problems at all snagging around 30 (free) songs from around 8 different albums. After DL the app I closed the "Store" app when they asked for my CC info. then started-up the "Music Deals" app, chose the free 100 (I think it said 97 more) choice then started picking my albums & songs. It saved them to the MS Music app so one needs to create a playlist or use the existing choice. I couldn't snag the whole album, just song-by-song. Also they aren't saved in the Music folder. Can't beat the price.
  9. I am part of the Desktop group for insiders Non-insiders (if there is one) I am part of the VM group w/ 2 installs there.
  10. This sounds like a good one to have on my laptop when traveling or on vacation. I snagged a copy Thanks for posting this Dave
  11. That was a good story imho. Thanks for posting it Dave. Right above the pie chart they mention TCook attempt to make Mac sound bigger, incl. the mention of using W7 on their production line, made me smile.
  12. SmokeMe


    Nice story
  13. I dl & let it install then took it for a spin w/ 2 different .MOV videos I shot. Added titles & music & was saved as a .mp4 video, only choice atm, the size shrunk by 40+% but not HD or full screen (default) playing in WMP. No slow motion or other missed features that Premiere Pro has, but what can one expect for free.
  14. Cool thank you Dave for this information. I will install & update my W8.1.1 copy w/ this.
  15. Last night a friend gave me a W8.1 Enterprise key, so I installed it on a test rig. It installed & updated w/o any hick-ups including around 50 updates. The KB2919355 took awhile to Dl & install but had no problems either. Only thing amiss was the boot menu as my other 5-6 OS were not listed, I fixed that & now enjoying W8.1.1 Enterprise & its features. Previously I had W8.0 Enterprise, ok but not nearly as good as the latest.