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  1. shuffle
  2. I don't think its as simple as modifying a file or two...
  3. hmm i tried loader when i first installed vista and it didnt work for me i tried every logo but none of it worked and it messed up my cd drve so i used some other crack and it worked perfectly. i cant remember which one it was though.
  4. i voted for you too man thats sweet nice job
  5. thank god i was worried for a bit when i couldn't get on for like a whole day i freaked out!
  6. haha heres mine nothing special i got alot of old games cause my computer is just a cheap 100$ machine but its good for the price
  7. im sorry i installed a new hd so i dont have it anymore but it was like stop: 0x0000007b then something else
  8. no i booted the cd and it still wouldnt work i got a BSOD i tried to copy file in ubuntu and i installed the thingy for NTFS support and i could not copy the files still and it wouldnt let me partition the drive I am certain that iit is not a bios problem because i tried the hdd in my other comp I am installing ubuntu on it(somehow it works) my mom is gonna take it to get it fixed later this month
  9. i cant boot off windows cd and it is not only safe mode I looked inside the comp and the way dell has it set up is really messed up so i cant change the cables i think it is an hdd problem and sadly i will have to send it away to get fixed i hope it is still under warranty thanks for all the help and yes i know i hate dell but its what my mom bought and its the only computer in the house that has internet(my mom wont let me have internet) :suicide2:
  10. i have searched for information on this and i hoped you guys, being so smart can help me with this. OK here it goes my mom tried to boot my pc which had been working perfectly fine and when she tried to start it up the windows xp screen just kept on looping and staying there. instantly she blamed it on me but, I heard a weird sound coming from the hdd. it would click for a few seconds then stop and keep doing that about ten times then it appeared to give up. i inserted the dell diagnostics and it said ERROR:Media write protecter or un- something and i tried dells other diagnostc and the hd passed. i tried booting in safe mode but it froze at loading mup.sys, i tried doing a recovery from the windows cd but i got a bsod. I really need help fixing this problem, i managed to boot a ubuntu live cd(thats how i am writing this) if i do not fix this my mom will make me pay to get the hd repaired and i do not have the money to do this so help would be appreciated
  11. i dont have any hacks or anti wga its all legit so i dont have to worry about that
  12. thank you very much for this man much appreciated im so lucky i didnt reformat my hd already
  13. ok thanks hoped i did not have to do that but thankfully i got a second hd to backup all my stuff on
  14. yes but it doesnt even show up in add or remove programs
  15. 1. yes i have a key to install windows 2. it is retail 3. it is xp professional student edition