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  1. Brando212

    Sad to see The Hotfix go

    Hey Guys Been forever since I've visited the Hotfix so thought I'd stop by today to see if anything is still going on. Though I haven't been here in ages the news that the Hotfix is shutting down this year is sad. this is one of the first major forums that I was apart of. For anyone who remembers me, I have moved on to Neowin.net these days and help with their moderation team; it would be nice to see some old faces there if anyone is still looking for a new place to hang Thanks for being a great site back in the day __ Brandon H with best regards
  2. but i haven't owned a floppy drive in years :'(
  3. it's definitely a big improvement over the 8 mail app
  4. Brando212

    New/Upgraded Rig

    damn scott. I hope you heal up alright. glad the guy was caught because that's not alright
  5. Brando212

    Technet Petition

    https://www.change.org/petitions/continue-technet-or-create-an-affordable-alternative-to-msdn sign it and spread the word
  6. Brando212

    New/Upgraded Rig

    here, http://blogs.technet.com/b/haroldwong/archive/2012/08/18/how-to-create-windows-8-vhd-for-boot-to-vhd-using-simple-easy-to-follow-steps.aspx you use WAIK or WADK as the new version is called with the imagex tool. and I use EasyBCD to create the bootloader link as i like to use a custom name
  7. Brando212

    New/Upgraded Rig

    i plan on putting it in a vhd file to boot from, that way I can still get a bare metal experience with it
  8. Brando212

    Enable F8 Safe Mode menu in Windows 8

    yeah i can see this being very helpful if you're trying to stabilize an overclock
  9. Brando212

    The 'You're banned' thread

    banned for giving in and changing your avatar
  10. Brando212

    The 'You're banned' thread

    banned for being lazy (there, i helped you )
  11. Brando212

    The 'You're banned' thread

    banned for banning the non banner (and i like intel over AMD for one simple reason and that's the smaller energy footprint)
  12. Brando212

    The 'You're banned' thread

    banned for having an AMD
  13. Brando212

    New staff!

    gratz taz now your first job as a mod is to make this place popular again or face being banned lol jk
  14. Brando212

    Forums upgraded to v3.4.4

    nope, no scripts, and I'm on FF 21 but like i said, it only does that when my window isn't maximized (which is most of the time) when i maximize my firefox window it looks just fine
  15. Brando212

    Forums upgraded to v3.4.4

    i like the new skin, but like i said when JoeJoe.org was using it, the header is messed up when my windows isn't maximized ... just tried to upload a couple pics and they failed .. TO PHOTOBUCKET!! and this is what it looks like on the full reply