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  1. Neo-Tech

    Welcome Back, Everyone!

    Looks friggin awesome, might visit more often now too
  2. Neo-Tech

    Firefox 3 Easter Egg

    Haha! Nice find
  3. Neo-Tech

    I is back!

    It's probably me, I got like 50 odd Birthday E-mails from Forums this year! Thanks guys for the welcomes, now to find my way round again
  4. Neo-Tech

    I is back!

    Hello! Some of you may remember from a while ago and other forums. I got quite busy towards the end of last year and the beginning of this year and now I plan on coming here daily again! Neo-Tech
  5. McAfee's not that bad of a resource hog, it's fine on my laptop and doesn't slow much down. It's ODS is wicked, and that never slows down my computer never, I saw a Sophos ODS and it slowed somebody's computer to crap.
  6. Neo-Tech

    Warner orders removal of YouTube content

    Aww, might not see some of my favourite tracks anymore.
  7. Neo-Tech

    NZ spammer hit with $100,000 penalty

    I say a good thing for him to get fined that much money, hate spammers, all of them.
  8. Virulon, the ones you mentioned is used for my Virus Removal Kit, lol. I've never had a XP Antivirus thing installed on any machines I have seen but I have seen Vista Antivirus, but it was way easy to remove. Nice informative post though Virulon.
  9. I noticed Virulon too about the updates, if I have my computer on for more than 10 hours, I get updated twice in a day then. Love it!
  10. Neo-Tech

    Laptop Bag Heater - XP SP2

    Glad you got it solved, and welcome back. Also a tip for you, if your laptop gets hot a lot, check the fan vents and if they are dusty, get a Air Blaster and blow the dust out.
  11. Adjie, how is Vista SP2 Beta bad? Yes it may have some bugs but it's a Beta after all.
  12. Neo-Tech

    Windows Vista Installation

    I think you need something like Boot Camp or Parallels to dual boot Vista on a Mac, I'm not sure what computer you have since you haven't specified.
  13. Neo-Tech

    Hey download were?

    +1 for Marshie. Never use a beta OS as your main OS as it can have tons of bugs. The latest leak so far is 6956. But I would wait for Beta 1 as it's coming out very soon.
  14. You can edit your post for a certain amount of time and then you can't, I think you ran out of time, the Edit button is I think next to the Quote button. Also congratulations on fixing it!
  15. Neo-Tech

    B>new Graphics card

    Lol, the currency is much different in the UK, xD.