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  1. Updated with more hotfixes.
  2. uploaded another batch for you guys!
  3. Wondered why it was slow, good luck for the moving this beast
  4. Just added more hotfixes, microsoft aren`t done making them for xp by a long shot. XP will live for a while yet a feel :) Got some W7 hotfixes to add shortly too.
  5. why has this been moved to legacy?
  6. Big thanks to everyone who has donated so far, more to come so keep checking the website. Added some more xp hotfix`s and there are some windows 7 ones on the way.
  7. That`ll be as of the 14th this month. Only security updates from now on
  8. More hotfix`s added... if anyone cares
  9. True to my word, happy hotfixing
  10. Added some more new hotfix`s and I`m working on adding another 19 which should be up soon, so checking the website and show your support! As always download link and changelog in top post.
  11. For now yes, I might add other languages one day.