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  1. jroc

    How Geek Are You?

    I'm 48% geek? Its not possible...........
  2. jroc

    PlayStation turns 10 today!

    But Nintendo woulda still had control over the game system add on that Sony was helping them develop. Eventually that mighta lead to a whole new Sony/Nintendo CD based console. Nintendo coulda shared the wealth with Sony IMO. Even with Sony having complete control of the titles, that didnt mean Nintendo wasnt gonna get a cut of the sales from them. Nintendo were the kings of the hill. I believe Nintendo coulda used that to their advantage and got a better contract if they wanted to. Looking back, we almost didn't have Nintendo. Look how quick the N64 and GameCube died. (Granted the Wii can play GameCube games tho) If the Wii woulda flopped, Nintendo was done in the console race.
  3. jroc

    PlayStation turns 10 today!

    For those that don't know what I meant by Nintenod's epic fail, check out the history of the PlayStation: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PlayStation Imagine if Nintendo and Sony woulda stayed partners.....There probably wouldn't be a PS2 or PS3. It took Nintendo almost 15 years to recover from that decision: (Wii.) Can you imagine how much money they lost out on in those 15 years???? And look at the first Playstation's and the Super Nintendo's controller. Notice something? To me it seemed like Nintendo tried so hard to show Sony they didnt make a mistake by ending their partnership: cartridge based games while everyone else was doing CD's, mini disc games with no easy way to play Audio CDs or DVD's. To me Nintendo wasted many years by doing what they did. I think they know it too.
  4. ^Ending support isnt too bad for your Pent 3. I thought it meant no support AT ALL for XP, but its just for XP SP2. Install SP3 and u can still get hotfixes, updates, etc. Just know that, seeing as how quick they are moving on from Vista RTM, its gonna be time for you to get a better PC.
  5. jroc

    Who is your ISP

    I have RCN. 20Mbps down 2Mbps up. When I download from newsgroups, the max I can use is 16Mbps down. I cant get it to stay stable over that. I like em because they dont throttle me when I use torrents like Comcast does.
  6. jroc

    lol limewire!

    This had my laughing out loud for real.
  7. Nevamind. The XHTML demos only worked for me in Firefox. The speed demos worked in both FF and IE7.
  8. Did anyone try the demos on ietestdrive site? Are u supposed to use the demos in IE 9 or can u use them in any browser?
  9. I saw a lil of this last night. I thought I hit some setting by mistake...lol But for some reason I cant see it today.
  10. jroc

    Worker dead at desk for five days

    U mean to tell me, all his co workers and his boss paid that little attention to him that he was rotting away at his desk for 5 days?!?! Wow.....Just wow....
  11. jroc

    [Poll] Where's Your Windows Taskbar?

    Bottom here. Like Visor said, it just feels right.
  12. ^Right. If u gonna shell out that kinda money for the OS, why not get a Technet account and get access to more than just an OS. Plus there's always coupons for Technet accounts.
  13. jroc

    Restaurant serves breast-milk cheese

    lol. There are some wild people in this world.....
  14. Well well well. Good for MS. First MS Security Essentials is performing as good as or better than some well established security appz, now this. Looks like MS is putting more n more effort into more secure products than in past years. And if u go to one of the links in this topic, someone gave a example where Firefox missed a phishing attempt, but IE 8 caught it. Granted it was from Aug 2009 and it doesn't say which version of Firefox it was but still. I know this has everyone's panties from both sides of the IE vs. Firefox debate in a bunch.....
  15. I will never understand when a torrent site, torrent search engine or a rapid-share link site gets shut down. I mean unless the site is aggressively promoting "illegal" content or harassing members for donations, or u can only get certain content after paying for a subscription or after paying a membership fee, cant Google, Yahoo Search, MSN Search, Bing, etc. get shut down too? Plenty of times I used Google to find stuff. u know with that Google Hack info. Isn't major search engines liable too? How come Google isn't forced to remove links to these sites? I do see when searching Google that some stuff wasn't shown due to DCMA laws. But I know damn well Google have the resources to filter their search engine, even to filter the Google Hacks way of searching. I just don't get it. ALL these sites that's out, and only a few get shutdown, normally years go by when the next one gets shut down. And how in the hell does Demonoid keep rising from the ashes?!?! lol And as long as there's newsgroups, IRC, hell even email (u could email rapidshare links and .torrent files to each other if it got real bad) p2p will NEVER DIE!!!! Maybe they will get punished harder for this. See what I wrote above about the major search engines. I have to believe that certain sites that get taken down did something in gross violation for it to get on the anti-p2p radar. Oink, for example (good riddance IMO. waaay to elitist they were)I don't know what happened but something put them on the radar. And lets keep it real, I would be mad as hell, but I wouldn't be surprised to one day find this site gone. But if MS is smart, they could use this site as a learning tool. Like I know damn well MS folks are constant visitors to xbox-scene and the many other xbox hack sites out. Ok. My rant is over. Feel free to dissect and discuss. lol