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  1. I ordered 5 for free and they arrived yesterday in UPS parcel. No nice package, only papercovers. I opened one : The sticker on the DVD says "Win Home Srv /w PwrPack 1"
  2. Enterprise uses exclusively Volume Activation : either a MAK against MS (commandline only) or activation against a dedicated KMS ( commandline/slmgr.vbs ) . No OEM.No Retail.No BIOS/SLIC/Royality. Enterprise is not for sale via those channels, can only get it via SA or technet. Basically its a faster Ultimate Edition - no Mediacenter,no Dreamscene crap but all the goodies like SUA,Bitlocker.
  3. Is Window Update Client in Controlpanel working ? Passes it the WGA checks on MS Websites ? :closedeyes:
  4. Have in mind, that you will run into a lot of compatibilty issues, especially Drivers and some software.That is no warning, that is a promise. Just have a quick look into MS newsgroups where x64 vista users tell tales what they experienced.. x64 makes only sense if you want to use a powerhorse Computer with lots more than 4GB of Ram and/or have to use special sort of Software that actually can use Dual CPU and x64 features ( Cad/3D/Videoedit .. ). Really nothing for any home user, even nothing for powerusers. and to host any sort of server on a desktop workstation is a security risk (plus a performance killer ) but you know this hopefully.
  5. Just found out that the same applies to Build 4051 and Visual Studio 05 Codename "Whidbey" from PDC '03.
  6. nice to meet you here my gulli friend;-) Well I explained already in other threads here the MAK/VLK scheme. People download Server 08 or Vista Enterprise and wondering about how to use "OEM Activators" on them, and the only answer is in each case that it is impossible. Like I explain my experiences with my MAK key that I had from technet for Vista Enterprise : it was good for 15 activations, I formatted the pc about 3 times, and when I logged into my technet account I saw the number of valid activations decrease each time by one. Vista Enterprise is not available on a retail base ( and Server 08 isn't by now ) = no retail means no OEM. So yes, MAK or KMS is the only way. And a KMS server is even more tricky.. it was meant to be as "offline activation" without the clients to contact MS have to buy at least 25 activations from MS, obtain the license for a Server 03, set up on top of that the KMS service 2. your 25 Vista Enterprise clients must connect to it and get activated, but those clients are not activated forever... 180 day only, then they have to re-activate against the KMS, and the KMS is communicating with MS to check the keys are still legit.. Somebody remembers the chinese KMS servers that popped up all over the internet and mass-activated Vista Enterprise ? that was funny.. but I doubt it works with Server 08 that way.. And it will take a lot of time until the first usable collection of Retail or OEM keys will be available, remember : it's a Server, how many OEM licenses will be needed compared to a Vista Home OS , just think :-) Sascha PS @neozion : I have not done it yet...
  7. Longhorn 4074 needs no specific date in Bios.. it is only limited to 180days, but not bound to a specific year.
  8. Big fat warning ! The method described here , replacing the 6001 token.dat with an already registered token.dat from Vista does not work in WSRVR08, just for your information. In doing so, you will end up with the SLui presenting you an empty Desktop and a dialog box forcing you to enter in a legit key. So stay away from that method - I had to reformat just for being to curious.. To be clear : To activate a copy of SRV08 you can not use any of those Vista Activators or any of the known workarounds. Although technically VistaSP1 and Srvr08 are the very same product, the latter will not accept Keys for the former.. also remember that no single OEM key for the Server OS is available, hence no Activator woul do it's job on the product. Just stick with atht 2 months trial period and all is good.
  9. AS some of you already may have noticed.. All essential stuff is managed via "Server Manager", this is the Number one place if you want to do anything special on Server 08, be it installation of Windows Components or formatting a Disk - An impressive , not too comlicated overview by the makers is here : "[...]Server Manager in Windows Server 2008 provides a single source for managing a server's identity and system information[...]Server Manager replaces several features included with Windows Server® 2003, including Manage Your Server, Configure Your Server, and Add or Remove Windows Components.[..]"
  10. YES, in both cases. Vista SP1 and Server 08 are technically the very same OS ( both being build 6001.18000 ) and so is their Software Compatibility the same. When stuff runs on Vista it will run on Srv08 for sure, 16bit (win3.1 and 95/98 ) apps aside, those are always experimental and as far as I know 16bit support is gone on Servers, on 64bit it is gone even on XP x64 (which is Server 03 ) and Vista x64. Because DX10 and Aero / 3D is also included , this allows gaming and more ( in Server 03 hardware accelerated video was off, in 08 it isn't ). But Server comes without the bloatware and has been finetuned for sheer performance and security. I am investigeting those tunings and see if I can make a vlited iso out of Vista 6001 that would performancewise be the experience of Srv08. For example in Srv 08 almost every service is set to manual, whilst on Vista automatic .. Here we can learn what is safe to turn off. :closedeyes: Here in depth from Windows Help itself : The Desktop Experience feature is a new feature in the Microsoft® Windows Server® 2008 operating system. The Desktop Experience includes a variety of applications and features that are provided in the Windows Vista® operating system. If you use Windows Server 2008 as your primary operating system you might want to have some of these Windows Vista features available for your daily use. What’s in the Desktop Experience feature The Desktop Experience feature includes the following Windows Vista components and features: Windows Calendar Windows Mail Windows Media Player Windows Aero™ and other desktop themes Video for Windows (AVI support) Windows Photo Gallery Windows SideShow™ Windows Defender Disk Cleanup Sync Center Sound Recorder Character Map Installing or uninstalling the Desktop Experience feature You can install or uninstall the Desktop Experience feature with the Initial Configuration Tasks Wizard or Server Manager. To install Desktop Experience with Initial Configuration Tasks Wizard In the Customize This Server section, click Add features. Select the Desktop Experience check box, and then click Next. Complete the wizard by clicking Install. To install Desktop Experience with Server Manager Open Server Manager: click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and click Server Manager. Notes You can also open Server Manager by typing the following at a command prompt: servermanager.msc In the Features Summary section, click Add features. Select the Desktop Experience check box, and then click Next. Complete the wizard by clicking Install. You can uninstall Desktop Experience at any time by using either method above to start the Add Features Wizard. When the wizard opens, clear the Desktop Experience check box, click Next, and then click Remove to complete the wizard.
  11. Desktop Experience is an Option that you can choose from within Server Manager after Server08 has already been installed, yes. - Your first boot however will resemble Windows 98 look, until you turn on themes service.
  12. As you can see from my screenshots I have an 32bit cpu ( ancient and cheap Socket A ), so I do not care for x64 OS. And even if I had a x64 cpu I would stick with x86 OS, there is simply no need to use it ( and I doubt you have more than 8 or 16 GB Ram installed.. ) and a lot of incompatibilty both hardware and software side is caused in using x64OS, believe it or not. The same is true not only for Windows, even for Linux I say the same. But if you so badly need it - someone in this thread mentioned a place where to get it.
  13. cannot edit.. well I forgot : optional "Desktop" installs : Windows Powershell Unix Subsystem (same as in Vista Enterprise/Ultimate ) optional Server installs : Windows Deployment Services - pxe boot clients and rollout images with Vistas.. SharePoint Services of course Windows Media Services / Stream Videocontent et al.. this list is for the Standard Edition, now imagine what's inside Enterprise..
  14. Let's say it with one sentence : This beast is wicked fast ( fast as an tweaked XP ), even with Aero on. Application compatibility ? Well.. until you don't need 16bit stuff, everything Vista runs does here too ( 16bit app compatibility is turned off ) I would say this is the ideal Desktop OS or say "the better Vista" :man_in_love: What's included : install "Desktop Experience Pack" and you get : - Aero Theme /with transparency and visual taskbar previews -Windows Mediaplayer 11 -Windows Photogallery -Windows Calendar -Windows Contacts -Windows Mail and IE 7.0 ( with "enhanced security", can be turned off " ) -Paint/Wordpad/Soundrecorder and the usual accesoirs -Windows Defender ( enabled by default ) optional installs also : - Wireless Network Service - Net framework 3.0 features - XPS viewer - Server Backup ( read "Windows Complete PC Backup Deluxe" ) - Bitlocker Encryption tool - IIS 7 of course, use Webserver /FTP role in Server Manager Dxdiag tells it is DirectX 10, so - Gamers come in.. What's missing: 1. is that sidebar ( I don't care about it ), but you can use regserv32 to register the exe and dlls from Vista SP1, after copy and register it, sidebar works. 2.To use Moviemaker just copy the folder from a Vista \Program Files\Windows Movie Maker to the same place inside Server08 - clicking moviemk.exe starts the app. 3. no Aero cursors and only one wallpaper, but just grab cursors/walls off the net.. What's turned off, what is the downside ? -There is no Security Center -Users has to be managed via Computermanagement, there is no CPL. -UAC is off/disabled/ hard to find anywhere .. -Themes and Audio needs to be enabled via services.msc -For convenience the CTRL+ALT+DEL at logon should be disabled via secpol.msc -The shutdown tracker is active and I have not found a way to get rid off it yet -It has no drivers for any recent Graphicscard , so you have VGA standard until you install ATI/Nvidia on your own ( Vista Driver of course ) 3rd party themes/visual styles possible with the same uxpatches that work on VistaSP1. After some 10-15 minutes of setting all stuff up you will have a stable and fast OS,even on machines that would bow down on any Vista edition, I promise. You will need a Server Antivirus app to protect the OS, like Norton Corporate Edition,NOD32 Business or Avast Server and you don't get that stuff for free... Besides all "Desktop OS features", there is so much inside Srv 08.. it's an amazing OS, I can imagine a lot off stuff one could use it for.
  15. some more proof of x86 6001.1800 being the rtm, I installed Standard Edition now on real machine and took some screenies ( speaking of the torrent discussed here. A friend of mine who has technet confirmed the iso name ) : ( beside that dumb discussion -- it is twice as fast as Vista on same machine, Apps open instantly.. ) :movingwoot: