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  1. Does internet explorer have syncing capabilities with Android devices, and does it have CUTE FOXES? Firefox FTW!
  2. So that explains why my browser updated itself a couple of days ago. I thought maybe it was just a minor bugfix patch they had pushed to the RC users.
  3. Interesting, but I didn't know *****s was a last name. For the wondering the name is Terrance D i c k s. He must be a very very censored man.
  4. I use the free version of Any Video Converter and I like it quite a bit. http://www.any-video...for_video_free/ It does show a nag screen after each each conversion batch, but it doesn't install spyware or insert watermarks in the converted videos.
  5. The RTM will be available through Microsoft web site tonight 21:00 PST (middle of the night for Dave).
  6. MXD

    Windows 7 SP1 updates

    I was glad to see that I didn't have to reformat my PC's. But people might wanna download the updated Malicious Software Removal Tool separately though: 32bit version 64bit version
  7. MXD

    Battlefield 3

    In New-York? Uh-oh, that's going to generate some controversy lol. Their latest Medal of Honor game almost didn't get released because they originally wanted to call the opposing team the T word lol.
  8. MXD

    Battlefield 3

    I hope the gameplay is going to be more like Battlefield 2 and less like Bad Company 2.. Am I seeing a city in the background? Urban warfare FTW!
  9. MXD

    My 40th b/day wish for 4th july 2012

    Have a nice trip to the US sagem
  10. MXD

    My 40th b/day wish for 4th july 2012

    After making this public comment, you can be sure that if you ever go to the US they *definitely* will squeeze your manlyhood real good. lol
  11. MXD

    My 40th b/day wish for 4th july 2012

    As far as I know, none of the victims who sued them have won so far. They are above the law. They HAVE to do this to keep the US safe. I will travel to any other country in the world before I submit myself to this kinda crap.
  12. MXD

    My 40th b/day wish for 4th july 2012

    lol you argue with them, they call the cops and take you to jail.
  13. MXD

    My 40th b/day wish for 4th july 2012

  14. MXD

    My 40th b/day wish for 4th july 2012

    LOL that won't stop them a bit, they been fondling old men with ostomy bags and women with prosthetic breasts.
  15. Microsoft released a tempory Fix-it tool to plug this exploit until they come up with an official patch: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2501696