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  1. it scored low in office. I think its ment more for home any way. Wish hauppage would release a beta driver.
  2. Well I installed it. Set up every thing I thought I need. But had to reinstall windows 7. Couldnt get my hauppage 2250 win tv to work. No DVR means wife will die or I will. Sucks I was loving it so much. Just not same running it in Virtual PC. Not enough disk for dual boot. Plus I really dont like how u have to go back to start to close a app. Couldnt get the email app to work. I think thats it. Oh the way it goes to desktop for legecy apps. It needs some improvements. But I like it. And from the end of post to login. 5 secs. Thats fast.
  3. Scott

    In loving memory, of my Mother

    Im sorry to hear that. My father past Feb 3 this month. He was 70.
  4. 11, 6, 5, and 1. Its a mad house I tell you. Thank God I had a boy and got a boy dog. I had no one to to talk too. The 6 and 5 year old are like twins. Every one fights over the computers. I only got 2. I need 3 more. It use to just me and mommy. Now every one wants in on the action.
  5. LOL I just found one of these in the closet in a walgreens bag. My girl buys stuff and forgets about, but she tell me that she got a usb drive a little while ago. I forgot too. I got like 10 of these things. I got like a terabyte of storage in usb drives. Nevermind its the 2.0 one. Its so slow. J/K. I only got 1 3.0 port any way and its in the back of the computer.
  6. oh yeah, ok shes real, I got 4 kids 3 girls and 1 boy. Its nuts here some times but I wouldnt change it for the world. You guys use facebook over there?
  7. Well Ive been doing this forever but I made the fake account myself.
  8. Not on my PC Its IEx64 all the way.
  9. Scott

    Possibly the power supply?

    can you get the bios to pop up? I had this problem before and what I did was unplug every thing from the board except the cpu and 1 stick of ram. No need for a gpu if your just testing power. Make sure your sata power is hooked up right. If ya didnt you should have smelled it but... Oh did you remove the power button connector from the board make sure those are right too. And if you cant get it working I will take that gpu off your hands. IM for address. Just add one part back at a time. Until you find the problem.
  10. Scott


  11. I wish I still had time to get on here every day but...
  12. Scott

    Call of Duty MW3 PC?

    ITS OUT ON IPT BUT NO CRACK YET, yes Im yelling. Baby hit caps lock and I was watching tv when I was typing.
  13. Scott

    Heating a room, and maintaining the temp?

    There is no such thing as hot or cold. Its just atoms moving faster that cause it to feel "hotter" Adding water to the air will make it feel hotter due to the humidity. I really dont understand your ?. If your heater isnt heating your room up to need to find where the cold air is coming in at.
  14. Scott

    Playing Ripped Blu-Rays

    i use shark007 package and windows media player. i just have to click on the *.m2ts files. i run it with hdmi to the tv and use its digital out. every once in a while i may need to change a setting in shark007 but for the most part every thing works great.