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  1. Do you have a link to this.
  2. Lon Chaney (50s Horror Movie Star)
  3. I was wondering if it was possible to do the same with the Windows Explorer background.
  4. This is my latest desktop for Xmas.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a way of replacing The GB theme in the Windows\Globalisation folder to the newer one that appears on the Microsoft Windows 7 Personalisation page.
  6. This is my best score at the moment, Not very good
  7. Where did you get that clock sidebar
  8. I have not had anything yet, but will keep checking
  9. On the subject of previous versions of Windows, I found these screenshots, which include other operating systems like Mac OS and Linux.
  10. Where did you get the sidebar clock.
  11. Microsoft appears to be getting relatively strong early adoption of Windows 7 in the 10 days since its official launch. According to Net Applications, more than 3 percent of PCs accessing the Web in the past two days have been doing so using the new operating system. Usage of the operating system has been growing strong in recent days, though Windows 7 already accounted for 2 percent of global Web traffic in the days ahead of its formal launch. "The early adoption of Windows 7 looks very strong, and I don't believe Vista enjoyed the same early success," said Vince Vizzaccaro, an executive vice president at Net Applications. "Plus, we've seen surges the past two weekend days, and Windows has historically seen much higher usage market share on weekdays than on weekends." However, weekends tend to see stronger usage by consumers. And consumers are more likely to move quickly to a new version of Windows than businesses, which tend to do extensive testing before adopting a new operating system. The news is not all positive for Microsoft, though. As a whole, the Mac OS continues to gain on Windows. As of October, Windows had 92.5 percent of the worldwide operating system market, but Mac OS reached 5.27 percent, up from 5.12 percent in September. (Past numbers from Net Applications showed the Mac OS with significantly higher market share, though the market research firm says it has changed its methodology to better reflect the relative traffic of the countries from which it is getting data.) Apple's recent anti-Windows 7 advertising has touted that if users are going to upgrade their Windows XP machines and have to transfer their data anyway, they might as well move to a Mac. Vizzaccaro said the early numbers suggest that the Mac might indeed be benefiting from such a trend but said it is too early to know for sure. "We'll know much more in the months ahead," he said. Source http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10388409-56.html?
  12. This is Mine
  13. Microsoft announced that they will cooperate with Tasktop Technologies (the developers of Eclipse) to update existing Eclipse desktop and interface projects. They are also working on Windows Azure tools for Eclipse. Are you trying to run Eclipse on Windows 7 x64? By now, you probably noticed that it’s not working properly. Here are some instructions what you can do about it. You can download the x64 edition of Java 1.6 from sun.com. As of right now, you can download only x32 editions from the Eclipse main website. Unfortunately, it’s not working properly on x64 systems, because the file SWT.DLL requires a x32 system. The site with the latest releases, including x64 systems, can be found here. The latest stable edition of Eclipse is 3.5.1. Sidenote: Because the x64 edition of Eclipse is not bundled with EE, you’ll have to manually download everything you need for Web, XML and Java EE development from http://download.eclipse.org/releases/galileo