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    Windows 8, office 15, anything in Alpha or Beta stage!
  1. jamesbond00769

    Happy Holidays and a look ahead to 2012!

    YEPPER! Merry Xmas to all! and a safe, healthy and happy year in 2012!
  2. Happy Birthday jamesbond00769!

  3. A renewal on Technet will be cheaper than a 1rst time subscription
  4. jamesbond00769

    Christmas Giveaway!

    Nice Gift. Happy Xmas holidays to all. Thank you for all staff members for the time you consecrate to us. Take care all. (Exclusive Member to Star Member)
  5. jamesbond00769

    48 Hour Promo For Anyone To Get Panda Cloud Pro For Free

    That is strange! mse updates at least twice daily. MSE will update automotatically even if you don't use MS update interface. As of detection rate, it detects 2 trojans the last month that Avast skipped. In any case no AV engine out there is perfect, you use the one that thinks fit your need. Reviews are so biased that we cannot trust them. Take care all.
  6. OK. After googling, I find out that on many website java will not load in IE 64 bits. we will have to wait for an update on that issue
  7. My grand daughter is playing games with sound on www.pbskids.org and they are using schockwave.. and it does not work in 64 bits IE 9?? java installed just fine on my pc..except it is not recognized by the 64 bits browser on www.java.com version checker
  8. Anybody knows something to replace Schockwave player on the IE 64 bits... because the 11.5 version still works only the 32 bits version of IE ??? Also did anyone of you noticed Java RE 6 update 21 64 bits does not install..on IE 64 bits , or is that only me?
  9. Thank you kindly! The interface for a provider was in IE 8 with BING being the default one and then you can customize it from there. I did not see it on IE 9.. it was late last night..so i might have miss it. I appreciate your answer.
  10. Thanks! Dave...where did you get that info? i did not see it in the Microsoft promo web site?
  11. Yeah! Anybody figured out about the menu bar? or is it totally removed for good? Also... can we set any prefered search provider? I did not see any way to do it yet!!!?????
  12. jamesbond00769

    Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) Cool New Features

    I love gecko forever.. LOL... forever in computering like in politic can be a very short time. I will wait and give IE 9 a chance..ya never know what can come out from Redmond. Take care all!
  13. Some amoebas are smarter than humans!
  14. jamesbond00769

    Hey. Guys. I have an idea...

    Technology is ok.. but a well balanced life needs music and ebooks..... so I like this website for that balance. Personally, a phone for me is boring. Take care all!
  15. jamesbond00769

    Windows 7 SP1 'beta' leaks, hits torrents

    :lol:LOL LOL LOL.. ok!