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  1. Stark

    Help Registry files Problem

    Not a factory restore. Use System Restore. Open cmd and type rstrui and restore back to before you made the changes.
  2. Stark

    Uh...is no one going to explain...

    Ah yes that definitely clears things up a bit. Thanks Farquard.
  3. ...what all that downtime was for? THF was down for at least a month and I see no announcement or explanation why. Anyone care to shine some light on it? I come to this forum the most for news, software, etc.
  4. Stark

    The 'You're banned' thread

    Banned for starting this topic.
  5. Woah now. No need to get panties in bunches here. All I asked was to proofread the post to remove those symbols and replace them with the appropriate ones. If you'd rather have it look unprofessional, by all means, please continue. Excuse me for wanting the post to look nice and easier to read. If I could have done it myself, I would have. Nothing I said was harsh. I even said please.
  6. Could you please proofread your posts and remove the diamond question marks and replace them with the appropriate symbols?
  7. I got mine earlier today. Worked perfectly. Was hoping for a bigger change to WMC though. Looks just like the one from Windows 7.
  8. I've submitted two different emails for keys and haven't received anything yet. Either they are reallllly busy or it isn't working lol. I haven't heard of anyone receiving the e-mail yet. Saw a post about this on AskVG too.
  9. Stark

    Office 2013 on MSDN & Technet

    I don't feel comfortable cracking software because I like getting updates and, as we all know, they do make updates that break cracks which will just be a nuisance. I've always ran legally licensed Microsoft software. Just wanna keep it that way.
  10. Stark

    Office 2013 on MSDN & Technet

    Yeah...I have a Dreamspark Premium account and only Office 2007 suite is available. I really wanted 2013 but have no way to get it right now and cracking Microsoft software never works out in the end. Guess I'ma be waiting a while or save up $200 for a Technet direct.
  11. This thread is way dead, bro. Last post was September 13th, 2011. This offer is probably long since expired. Please don't bump dead threads like this.
  12. Stark

    Free 11GB storage + 2GB file size limit!!!

    Nothing shows up when I click the OP's link or go to minus.com that Franpa posted. It's just a white page. I disabled ABP and still nothing. Using Firefox 7 Beta 6.
  13. That's odd. I just opened Adobe Photoshop CS5 x64 and it ran just fine. I have the activate.adobe.com server in my hosts file. :s
  14. Nope. Looks like they didn't. About to restart. The screenshots on the official IE 9 download page show the button all messed up. Wow. How disappointing. Gonna go restart. Edit: Yup. Restarted. Looks just as retarded as the RC. I'm disappointed. I almost want to call Microsoft and tell them to fix it.
  15. Waiting for screenshots. If it looks as stupid as the beta/RC does, I'm not using it. I can't stand the back button being cut off. Looks so retarded. That's the only thing I don't like about it.