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  1. Is this the one? http://gallery.live.com/liveItemDetail.asp...p;bt=1&pl=1
  2. Cloning with Acronis worked well for me to install a larger hard drive in a system. I've had little luck swapping mobo's with it. I've heard its because M$ uses the Mac address of the onboard lan card to verify the Windows install. You can try the info on the link that Mal suggested, but you will probably still have to reactivate!
  3. What HID device have you installed recently? If the driver is not working, you will not see it in device manager other then as an HID device! Do as Kittyfuzz suggested, uninstall/physically remove the device, reboot, and try again....if its a mouse or keyboard, try a different one to clear the error.
  4. NAS

    I just googled NAS enclosures and got these. http://computers.pricegrabber.com/enclosur..._kwfeed_1/skd=1 http://www.atruereview.com/landdisk/index.php http://www.engadget.com/2006/09/26/trendne...nas-enclosures/ http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...7&CatId=207 Good Luck.
  5. NAS

    Not sure what you mean by IDE, unless you mean an enclosure that uses an IDE drive! Most NAS are direct to a network cable, and have USB/Firewire out to expand the storage. I'm using a Western Digital NetCenter, and it works relatively well, albiet a little slow, and It did work with Vista beta, with mixed results. Most of the issues were with the Beta installs. The price depends on how much storage you want. I got my NetCenter a year ago, a 160Gig, and it was on sale for around 160 US. I don't know of any kits that you install your own Hard Drive.
  6. The picture for the connectors is a mini pin to rca. it is just stereo... I've resorted to an optical connector(s/pdif) from my htpc to the stereo. My biggest problem was a low level hum that was some sort of grounding problem. It happened in a couple of different pc to stereo hookups. You could also try a straight digital rca cable. Of course your sound card would have to support it.
  7. I agree with the extreme expense of upgrading, I also think that people are not stupid. After playing with a vista pc at a local BB store, and remembering how a simular pc responded a few months ago, I have to say that "average" Vista PC's are sluggish compared to XP. It does have a lot of nice features, but I am not willing to spend the bucks on something that doesn't do anymore for me.... As for Piracy, they should look elsewhere for the real answers....I guess its easier to point fingers then to owe up to ones own failings. Look at the mpaa and riaa.....
  8. evidently he's having installation problems that I haven't experienced yet.....interesting.... Or is it a parody of the guy who took a sledge hammer to a PS3>>>
  9. Are the Ultimate xtras available for Beta2 5744? or just to RTM and above. When I go to update, They are not available to me.
  10. had the same problem once, and after some tinkering, it reappeared.. don't know for sure what I did to fix it.
  11. I'm assuming your going to use a partioning tool. Gparted worked for me and its free. partitionmagic works also... Vista by itself will not create a second partition, but once you use a partitioning program, just select the empty partition and load Vista. You might want to get yourself a little tool called vista boot pro, so you can rearrange, and rename items in the boot loader, if you plan on dual booting.
  12. in prior versions of windows, it coukd be done. you just need the correct version that the upgrade will look for. IE: an XP upgrade i have will not upgradwe win2k, but would all 9X versions. You just need the disk and it will look for the info it wants. According to the EULA, your suppose to stop using the version you updated.
  13. Need a better PC to fully use it. Maybe should buy one, naw, build my own...
  14. Scrolling through the daily sales and low and behold, OEM pricing for Vista. Home Premium 120us, Business 150us and Ultimate 200us.. Looks a little better then expected.
  15. Have been using 5744 for a while now, and like everyone else, I do like it. Like stated earlier, scrolling through explorer is cumbersome, but maybe getting use to it will solve that. Heck, we've hada decade to get use to what we have now.!!!! My other major dislike is networking. takes forever to connect to a net-center setup I have.... Haven't used it in a business network yet, so can't comment on that. Will I buy it, ya, after my next build.