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  1. I have just receieved this in my personal mail from you. Watch your language or i will ban you ok (from Megatron) In reply and with sincerity. I saw nothing offensive in my post. It was not directed at your OP, but was intended as friendly advice to any posters who misunderstood the original article. I did not wish them to make fools of themselves. If you feel you were one of those who possibly fell into that category, then so be it. I, in turn, resent your alteration of my post. It makes me look pretty dumb and is not appreciated! If you wish to ban me over this trivial matter, that is, unfortunately, your prerogative. It is a pity that, under the circumstances, you will probably either edit or delete this post also.
  2. Consider before you add your posts and make myself an idiot. It IS a joke! Have a look at some of the replies. I am the biggest idiot. Do not flame staff
  3. "The ironic fact that the forum requires Hotfix's every so often to address problems." Valid point, but the new outlay is comparitively new. The designer is obviously open to minor improvements. "All the words... too many words everywhere..... I think it would be better with no words anywhere" Yes. A vague description, but I know what you mean. Labels, junk everywhere. Bit like roadsigns these days when you get to a junction - lol. I don't think the site could manage without the advertising though. "I still dont like the new posts problem" I agree. And I would still like to decide when I have read the new posts, albeit on my next visit. "Guys- if you have any suggestions you really want implemented I strongly urge you to go to the Tracker and open up a suggestion ticket in the Suggestion Project. Since I am the main developer here that works with the coding and structuring of the site, I really want to make ALL the changes you see fit. Having them organized and one-by-one in the suggestions tracker will help me prioritize and get to all the suggestions quicker." True, but the suggestions here are not, so far, overwhelming (are they?). But, to add my own bit to the thread, I still think, on the forum page, it is superfluous to have the login drop down menu and the static one also. Is that not uneccessary eye candy? Also, (I seem to be alone on this, and I have posted in the Tracker) I would like to see a return of the "See own posts", "subscribed posts" or similar, in a more accessible and visible place than at present. There has been an enormous drop in input over some months past. Once, I had to wade through pages to read new posts. Now, on a daily basis, theye are always covered in one page. Maybe a change of policy since the new owner. Continuing excitement and involvement with the new Windows 7?
  4. quote: "By the way, I hope SP3 for Vista comes out long before SP3 for 7 comes out, lol" It already has! It is called Windows 7 - lol
  5. I heartily support the last two posts. Fwiw. I think the idea od a rep system has its merits, but the problem is it can be so easily abused. On another (crap) site I visit, there is a buddy system operating. These three or four users hand out points to each othet like rice at a wedding! Shamefully one of the brotherhood is a moderator.
  6. Hi Thanatus. It is a game that has been going on since browsers were first used. It is a matter of where you browse, how you browse etc. The benchmarks, howver skilfully applied, mean little. If yo are happy with the browser of your choice - use it. Chrome has obviously shot itself in the foot with these latest benchmarks, it is apparently using massive amounts of memory to pump up its speed. It can , without doubt, lead to a lot of different comments in this thread, but I will stick to memory useage _ most important aspect to me. at least.
  7. Ok. Forget my earlier post. I went to the original link and got the answers. Most significant result for me was the Memory use. Keeping in mind the enormous crosssection of computer users, many with old, or memory short computers, Chrome is a bit of a hog!
  8. Heck, I missed it! My google is acting normally. Maybe it was country, or language, specific?
  9. Could you explain, briefly, the differences in the methods of these tests? For example, why is the "Java" test showing such different results to the other charts? Pardon my lack of knowledge, but do these results mean that, if you normally use sites which are not Java orientated, then Chrome comes off worst?
  10. I have never used any of the server range, but, forgive me in my ignorance, I seem to be able to do all of these things with my Lan, from Windows 7?
  11. It will certainly be an interesting court case to follow when his doctor goes in the dock for homicide!!!
  12. Fascinating thread. I have installed, reinstalled and again, both 64Bit and 32Bit, through the builds. I am now using the RTM from Technet. My first action, when I have finished the install, is to disable the search service. (Indexing). ´This makes the OS fall back to the old slower search methods. I have never had the disaster of it reverting to Window 95 and I cannot see how that can possibly happen, as the whole infrastructure is totally different. Fwiw. Black Vipers suggestions are interesting. They worked admirably with Windows Vista. Windows 7 employs a different system for loading Service modules. You may find a very small speed increase in the initial boot up, but it will not benefit you in resources being used. They are not being activated in any way until required for use. (The Search facility is, of course, always in use and does slow the Os whilst doing its thing.) One thing which has not been pointed out is one of the best features of the search service. It enables to type a few leading letters into the Start box and will take you immediately to that program.
  13. Signs of the times! (Internet) I regularly visit 6 forums of a similar nature to this one, but more orientated towards help for Vista/Windows 7. Three, incuding this one, have had to change their server. I wonder if this is because the original servers could not keep up with the rapidly increasing traffic, or is it related to improved feedback and quality of the various forums? Anyway. Congrats. It is running fine. One other forum I am on took about two months of indecision and preparation, and then a week to move over!!!
  14. Is n' t that for Vista?
  15. This is a later update, which varies a little with the above?? "ISV (Independent software vendor) and IHV (Independent hardware vendor) Partners will be able to download Windows 7 RTM from Microsoft Connect or MSDN on August 6th. There is already a lot of momentum from ISVs and IHVs in the ecosystem today for Windows 7 as Mike Nash blogged last week. If you are a partner who has been working on Windows 7 for a while, now is the time to complete your testing with final version of Windows 7. For partners that haven’t gotten started yet with Windows 7, now is the time to get involved. You c......" The whole thing here: http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windows7/default.aspx