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  1. sammy1237

    A beautiful Video

    Love the video. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Just eating some lunch, checking to see if anyone has questions and go to movie later? :)

  3. sammy1237

    RT Se7en Lite

    Just thought this might be something for anyone considering creating a custom windows installation and iso just like vlite. Maybe i'll mess with the windows 8 ones with this lol. http://www.rt7lite.com/ Release Candidate (Build 1.7.0) Windows 7 x86 , Windows Vista x86 and Server 2008 x86 users: http://www.pub.rt7li...7_Vista_x86.exe Windows 7 x64 , Windows Vista x64, Server 2008 x64 and Server 2008 R2 users: http://www.pub.rt7li...7_Vista_x64.exe RT Se7en Lite - Beta (Build 2.6.0) [service Pack 1 slipstream support] Windows 7 x86 , Windows Vista x86 and Server 2008 x86 users: http://www.pub.rt7lite.com/7lite-rc-beta-1726-dec6-10-stable/rt_7_lite_win7_Vista_x86_sp1.exe Windows 7 x64 , Windows Vista x64, Server 2008 x64 and Server 2008 R2 users: http://www.pub.rt7lite.com/7lite-rc-beta-1726-dec6-10-stable/rt_7_lite_win7_Vista_x64_sp1.exe
  4. Oh you can just ignore that =P. I've seen that kind of thing before with various antivirus programs. Some antivirus claim innocent files to be hazardous. Its better to switch to a antivirus less prone to attacking system files. It should be just fine. Source: Experience Just an FYI, IF anyone experiences issues related to incompatiblity or programs closing down. Try setting compatibility mode to vista sp2, win xp, etc. I've tried it on EVE-Online, it worked perfectly. As for other programs so far, fast, responsive, and stable =).
  5. You don't think it might be compressed a little bit or something added?
  6. Here's the photo, it didn't show up on earlier post.
  7. You know circuit city is closed down except in canada =P. But indeed the windows 7600.16385 is the final build which i'm using . Though i thought it was october 23 that is was released.
  8. Shouldn't there be a program in the programs menu from start that shows "create restore disks"? From my knowledge, i seen a sony and a compaq system have create restore disks wizards but you can only do so once unless you had reformatted with the restore partition, then u can recreate again. I heard there was a non-destructive format where the recovery partition only formats the OS but not the files you saved.
  9. Anyone experiencing errors or the inability to start online games that have gameguard or nprotect? Windows 7 is a significant software upgrade from Vista. It is stable, faster, and equipped with new shiny graphical effects such as rotating wallpaper though this is one problem gamers will be facing. If anyone has the same problem or has a solution, feel free to share so we can all work this out. Thank you.
  10. Bitdefender has the best detection rate and best protection. In my opinion. Hardly any performance problems .
  11. sammy1237

    B>new Graphics card

    omg wow that was perfect site for comparison xD i have a sucky card xD. Thanks for everyone's help. Now i know what to get hehe.
  12. sammy1237

    B>new Graphics card

    I do mainly gaming on my system so if there is a card better than ati radeon 3450, then i'll consider buying a reccomended card. haha. All these gpu processor cores, clock speeds, and memory bit "192bit, 256bit," confuses me on choices lol.