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  1. Review Guru

    What language

    Instead of C++, which is pretty hard to master, try either VB or Java. From there, try moving to C# before moving to C++. This is due to various things which you would need to master in C++ such as pointers, and these would bring you big headache, especially if you do not have your basics up right. Java or vb would still be the better way to get your foundations right, though i'll lean more towards Java, as Java would normally incoprate Object-Orientated Design (OOD), which is what C++ is based heavily on.
  2. Review Guru

    system memmory

    On top of memtest, you should also see the maximum no. of ram capability on your computer. If your motherboard has 2 ram slots, normally it can support up to 2GB (For desktop) and normally those with 4 ram slots should support up to 4GB(or more, depending on individual motherboard design).
  3. Review Guru

    a 5 second pause before windows CP loads

    Check around your bios settings... Make sure that it does not wait for 5secs before loading the other I/O devices. Also, check for latest motherboard firmware. Might need to flash it. Since 5secs is not seriously a long wait, i would advice you to just wait for 5seconds... (A lot of other factors come into play, like speed of computer to load the kernel and those, so i'm just taking it that your in a modern computer)
  4. Review Guru

    Unlimited storage

    Lemme tell you...Anybody who knows a little about the hosting world will tell you that unlimited hosting is never true. No pun intended or anything. I used to think that unlimited hosting is the best, but you will find louzy service, poor server maintaince and so-on. Espacially so, for one 'quite popular' hoster for unlimited hosting jet******....They use their server for mass emailing and so-on. Actually, these fellows are just cheating your money. They know that as a newbie you won't need too much space and bandwidth, so this is how they save. And when they find that your consuming too much of either bandwidth or space, they'll kick you out.
  5. Review Guru

    Upgrading biz build to ultimate?

    I'm currently using both an ultimate and Biz edition. Currently, i see no factors which would want me to upgrade my other computer to an ultimate. In fact, i find biz edition the more worth it, as its cheaper
  6. Review Guru

    Very long boot times

    I'm not quite sure if any applications or stuff like that accidently increased your boot time. Go to msconfig (On the search area) and click on the enter key. On boot, check your boot timeout settings. Maybe change it. On the side note, i suspect it might be the harddisk too, cause some motherboard will detect that theres a plug-in device, but give it a time response limit before it kills and declares that device nulled upon boot-up.
  7. Review Guru

    Major Vista problem

    I was thinking on the line that he introduced a software, which is having compatibility issues
  8. Sony is in my blacklist...Simply because, their backup is oops and they expect you to pay them, when you lose that patition. Was looking at this.... Specs are not bad... http://www.acer.com.sg/products/aspire7720...aspire7720G.asp Other than that, i think go for the hp one...
  9. Review Guru

    Which Is The Best Notebook Brand?

    Acer. This is because, i quite like their 2hr support (Speedy) and they pack performance at a cheaper price (As compared to other notebook manufacturers-other than dell). HP is a no-no for me. I always have issues with the heat. Their notebooks tend to overheat (And i've changed the motherboard twice during a 2yr period). Dell is another no-no. Support in Asia is oops for them...Used to own desktops from them, and wow...I got different desktops (Covers) and full of cobweb inside (Something which my previous one didn't have). Good thing though, they come down, instead of me going over.
  10. Review Guru

    Major Vista problem

    I suggest a system restore. Well, but at control panel, under adminstrative tools, reliability and performance monitor, it might tell you which is the application giving error. (Though, i won't as hell trust that tool). Just try a system restore, and tell us the result.
  11. Review Guru

    Must Have Windows Vista Updates

    These hotfixes are the beta ones (I believe) which were leaked onto the internet. Not quite sure if they can be downloaded from windowsupdate.
  12. Review Guru

    CMS and IPB

    First thing, abandon virtuanews. TheHotfix used to use virtuanews....But, to hell with that client. It dosen't do any good. So far, the better integration will be with BBpixel (As of whats seen at thehotfix). Actually, there is not much integration that you'll need. Most of the CMS are able to integrate together, just those (First five posts) and those rubbish are just simple PHP script, which can be handled very simply.
  13. Review Guru

    2k or XP -Which One?

    This normally depends on what your computer is needed for. If its a server side, then 2k is a better choice, or if not xp is not bad(I know of some people running server off xp...Which isn't what its really built for). In terms of stability and features, both operating systems are mostly about the same. Its just more of the details (Like the UI) and windowsupdate(Microsoft 2000's updates has ended....if i didn't remembered wrongly).
  14. Review Guru

    MSCONFIG Error

    I'm not quite sure. I suspect its a corrupted service. Maybe, you can try restarting all your services, by going to start->run->services.msc .
  15. The best antivirus is yourself. Beware of what your surfing, do what you think its right, and it should be fine. I've worked with many antivirus software in reccent months, these are my findings (on infested computers....Was testing out which solution was the best for myself). Nod32: Able to capture most virus. Some simple one (like bangle), it took some time. But, update files are quite small. And, i was also very much pleased with its spam control for mail system. Antivir: Very very fast in detection. But, update files are a little huge. Occasionally, when theres too much virus, the virus scanner just won't work. Also, it does not include mail scanner, so i'm pretty disapointed in that aspect. Kaskerpsy: Very very fast in scanning (Espacially the second, third round...etc.etc.). I was using the AOL Security suite (Or something like that) for it. But, the update engine sometimes screwed up. AVG: A little of here and there, but nothing much special. THing to take note is that, most of the viruses/backdoor processes were still on windows, even though, AVG claimed that it has cleaned the virus. Macfee Security Suite: Nothing special about it too. Detection rate is avg., resource usage is a little high. Norton: It detects the normal. But, those updated ones (latest virus), Norton took a few scans (Twice or thrice) then, could it detect it. Resources usage was slightly higher than Macfee. Also, it could not do a proper cleaning. Some processes were left working. Panda: Couldn't get it to function properly. Computer keeps getting slowness in it. Just some disclaimer: All of these softwares, were installed on formatted computers, and i placed in viruses myself. Some of which, is a zip file with lots of virus in it. There is no proper order which i inserted them in. So...You be your own judge. But, in my own opinion, i quite like Antivir, Kaskerpsy and Nod32. And maybe macfee. But, Antivir did not include a mail scanner, which could be quite dangerous. Download (legal links-Free ones only): Kaskerpsy (AOL Active Virus Shield): http://www.activevirusshield.com/ Nod32: http://www.eset.eu/download/beta Antivir: http://www.free-av.com Macfee Security Suite: http://safety.aol.com/ AVG: http://free.grisoft.com/