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  1. hey actually I miss you quite alot.. how have you been?

  2. apparently this isn't working for me, all i get is being stucked in the osx screen after sliding the "slide to jailbreak" thingy and nothing happened. I've done a search regarding the problem and they says it's cuz of server busy, but it's been like that for hours now... By what way did you jail break your touch 2g with ios 4?
  3. Myst

    [Pic] "I love you" in Japanese

    rofl thats pretty epic.
  4. Lol yea, sorta. I assume you are potentially back then? Anyhow, welcome back. :)

  5. Last Active: Private

    what's there to hide, Shayla April? ;)

  6. Myst

    Guess what....!

    hey man, happy 16th year of life~ have a prosper way ahead.
  7. Myst

    Just Wow !!

    YEA DONE OUR CHINESE PROUD. Tho yea, he's from Taiwan.
  8. can this actually be uninstalled or overlapped by a new version when available?
  9. Myst

    Adobe Flash Player 10.1 RC released

    thanks for the prompt head up April.
  10. I am Chinese and I actually second that.
  11. Myst

    Unboxing the Apple iPad: The Photos

    it looks gorgeous, tho superficially.
  12. No discrimination intended, but I think thats generally cuz the black often eats KFC or sth and that brat is trying to be racist