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  1. Apocalypse

    Wheres The Veterans of the Hotfix?

    Hey am still around here guys
  2. Apocalypse

    New Staff Member!

    great to have u here SP1N
  3. Apocalypse

    We moved servers!

    aha thanks Super ! my quick reply appear right away maybe due to the browser Davaj , im using Chrome
  4. if you guys need i can ship to your door for free, totally 3711 disks Thank you
  5. Guys Are there any good free/paid softwares that can search for files with the same name, the same size, and/or the exact same contents ? i googled but no good at all Thanks a lot
  6. Apocalypse

    New staff!

    Congrats to you
  7. Apocalypse

    Forums upgraded to v3.4.4

    looks neat great job guys
  8. Apocalypse

    Forums upgraded to v3.4.4

    hey "staff only" theme has a chat function?
  9. Apocalypse

    Lion Rage Face Memes

    this make me laugh everytime i see it kakaka
  10. Apocalypse


  11. Apocalypse

    windows upgrade offer

    Done !
  12. Apocalypse

    Consensus on Windows 8

    can you define "smoothness" more clearly in 8 ?
  13. Apocalypse

    In loving memory, of my Mother

    I'm sorry to hear that Farquard , hope u will get better soon. Please accept my condolences for your loss.
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  15. Apocalypse

    Angry Birds Space for PC

    http://depositfiles....files/zhcd9vb9d https://rapidshare.com/files/1461731602/astronauts.rar Password: thehotfix Have fun guys