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  1. ryu kusanagi

    Free game from Green Man Gaming!

    Thanks Dan!
  2. ryu kusanagi

    Christmas Giveaway!

    i want the upgrade tooo!!! btw merry christmas!! (Member to Exclusive Member)
  3. YAY FS FTW!!!!!! Now we just need that they make all the add on from the older games compatible with this
  4. ryu kusanagi

    Pope likely to ban Apple's use of rubbers

    Its a joke dude.
  5. So now its microsoft fault?, srsly a whole week!???, heck i get worried if i get a bsod for 2 days in a row, let alone one week, they just keep digging deeper and deeper. get it? deep.
  6. ¬¬ yeah and the moon its made of cheese, they disable the video card when being used with an ati card, and instead of fix and assume responsability because a faulty driver that was burning the card they just say "you are installing it wrong", heck, even in batman asylum you cant enable the aa, because its not and nvidia card. This its kinda becoming a new trend with all the major sellers and publishers.
  7. ryu kusanagi

    US regulator guns for HP printer cartridge clones

    You greedy bastards, a couple of cartridges are more expensive than the printer it self, its quite obvious that people will look for cheap ink, or like here in mexico a tri color cartridge its equal to mhh, like 2 days of food, or like 15 gallons of gasoline, i hope that the itc rule them out.
  8. ryu kusanagi

    Not using desktop Linux? You're wasting your money

    HAHAHAHAHAAHA. Ok this guy is mental, first most of corporate web are based on ie6, and xp. second, most of regular people, you know the ones that pay the bills, knows xp, and i ve see that was quite hard for them, so, good luck teaching them linux, plus, the corporations doesnt have to invest a lots of money on teaching them how to use the os, just the thing they need to work. But this, this "With a little elbow grease", i understand that free soft its the future, but this "With a little elbow grease" was what grind my gears, i would say: ¡f*ck you *ss hol*!, have you ever tried to install printer on linux, or an all in one??, or a cannon ir2200-3300!!!let alone install the printer on a network with windows, mac and linux?, gimme a break, linux its the future, but right now its not good enough for me or the enterprise that pays my salary. plus Most of normal people have a quite hard time with windows, heck, its so hard trying to explain them why farmville is SO SLOW, if they have windows and the most expensive internet, let alone trying to teach them linux . . . . sorry for the rant but heck im tired of the people that say that linux its the best thing since the the sliced bread.
  9. ryu kusanagi

    Microsoft announces new Xbox 360 'Slim'

    Im still paying the old xbox, now they announce a new one, with wifi, 250 gb hard drive, well, now im glad that put a chip on the xbox, because this sucks!. to hell with them.
  10. ryu kusanagi

    Motorola and RIM cease all legal action

  11. ryu kusanagi

    Image of the Day: Oil from BP spill kills Aquaman

    So they can send someone to live in space for months, send robots to mars, they have things that can crack the earth in 2, but they cant plug a bloody hole in the bottom of the sea?. i dont buy it, sorry i just dont buy it, all the pp that will be affected, all those animals dying for nothing, so much suffering, i really really really hope that they all burn in hell . . .
  12. ryu kusanagi

    The Four Different Types of Linux Users

    hahaahaha, yep that sums all, now you need to do the windows version
  13. ryu kusanagi

    HP announces Photosmart email printers

    Great, and what suppose the we are going to do with all the spam, heck my boss will kill me if he left on the printer and the next day there is a bunch of announcement of viagra pills.
  14. ryu kusanagi

    Tantalizing details emerge about Microsoft Office 15

    i still don like the ribbon, it kinda sucks, i have yet to try the office 2010 but as for the 07 it sucks.
  15. ryu kusanagi

    Macs under attack by high-risk spyware

    hahahaaha, up yours mac fanboys, was about time that someone bust their bubble.