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  1. i am booting windows 7 and windows xp together on difference hard drives. I haven booted into windows xp in 2 months and i use it for a month before that and it work good. Today i booted into windows xp to update stuff and at the boot screen it stop told me i had to active it. I active it the day i installed it. When i hit active it brings up the active screen and tells me it's all ready activated and when i hit ok button it will log me off and tell me i need to active windows and if i hit no it logs me off. So i am lost here. Hope someone can help. Thank you for the help i can get.
  2. is a 2.5" laptop hard drive fit into a laptop that take a 1.8" laptop hard drive. Just wondering. I got a hp table pc off ebay and waiting for it to show up. In the manual for it. it saids it takes a 1.8" hard drive. Thanks for the help.
  3. gwb21471

    Windows xp tablet help

    Thank you. I downloaded it and it installed. It's all activated too.
  4. gwb21471

    Windows xp tablet help

    I been looking for a copy of windows xp tablet edition. Can't find it any where. I need it for my gateway laptop/ tablet made back in 2003 or 2004. Windows vista and 7 won't work on it. Well thanks for the help.
  5. I was given a compaq presario cq50 laptop. It work great it just didn't have a power supply or hard drive, I took it apart to clean the fan and dust out of it. After i put it back together it won't turn on. If i leave the top cover and keyboard off with the scerws out it will turn on. But once you push down on the top it will go off and won't turn on until you unplug it and plug it back in and make sure the top cover is not on tight. So i am lost. I check to see if something is shorting out and didn't see anything. Hope someone would have a idea or ran into the before. Thank you for the help.
  6. I am going to remove norton as soon as i get it. I look at avast free and may go with that. I going to look at ESET NOD32 since this only as 1gb of memory. Thanks for the help.
  7. I gotton a tablet off of ebay it has 1gb of memory and 32gb of storage space and i am looking for a antivirus that doesn't need to much momery or storage space. It comes with nortons 30 day free trial. Thank you for the help.
  8. Thank you. I downloaded and installed everything and it works fine. Thank you again.
  9. I need new product keys for one of them. I look on microsoft web site and they want me to buy windows 8 pro again for $199.00. I installed windows 8 pro N and click on buy a new key and it told me that i can't buy a key in this counrty. The product keys i have been use to many times. I know for the older version of windows you could buy just a key for $69.99. Can you still buy just the product key for windows? thank for the help.
  10. I have a compaq presarip 4704 with windows 95. I am looking for the phone center software for it. I want to get all the software that came with it. I been looking all over the internet for it and no luck. So if anyone would know a place to get it that would be great. Thanks for the help.
  11. gwb21471

    dell d530 cpu help

    no it's the original cpu for it. I give the software a try.
  12. gwb21471

    dell d530 cpu help

    I did everything today. I unplug the bios battery today and i got the same thing. I went into the bios and check the info on the cpu and it tells me the min the cpu can run is 1.5ghz and the max is 2ghz but it still running at 598.4 even with a heavy load on the cpu. It goes up to 100% at 598.4 with a heavy load on it. I thinking about getting other cpu off ebay for it and see if that will fix it. Thank for the help i been getting.
  13. My dell has a 2ghz core 2 duo cpu in it but only runs at 598.4mhz and won't run any faster then that. cpu-z tells me the the multiplier bus speed is 3.0 x 199.5 and the range is 6.0 to 10.0. I don't know if the cpu is bad or what. the cpu fan never runs. The fan works. I took the fan out and test it. Here the whole cpu information. So i hope someone else has a idea out here. Thanks for the help.
  14. Thank you. I stop the search indexer service. The hard drive light stop blinking nonstop now. I going to download Avast free for it since BitDefender free edtion takes up all most 550mb of my memory. thanks again for the help.
  15. ok. How do i turn off the indexer service? I left the laptop on all night and the hard drive ran all night long but when i got up this morning the hard drive wasn't running as bad as it was last night. Now the hard drive light is blinking and not just staying on. I had Avast Free on this laptop but took it off and put BitDefender free edtion on it. Well thank you for the help.