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  1. Paul Wall

    Hey whats up with The Hotfix?

    What year Q did you have an what options did it have?
  2. Paul Wall

    Hey whats up with The Hotfix?

    Here is the site: http://www.nicoclub.com/ So what kind of cars do you guys have? Assuming you all ar'nt to young to drive My car looks like this basically:
  3. Paul Wall

    Hey whats up with The Hotfix?

    Well the front page is where I look at most of the time.
  4. Paul Wall

    Hey whats up with The Hotfix?

    Hey why is The hotfix never updated anymore, I mean the front news page. Because I used to come here to see whats up with the world of IT, But now its only updated once in a blue moon. And by the way I left here Because I got a 1993 Q45 and I love that car more than almost anything else. I am now on Nicoclub.com in the Q45 forum and I am one of the experts on the car. I also have some spare parts for it if anyone on here has such a car. But I have to say you guys hav'nt changed much since I last posted.
  5. Paul Wall

    - Is My HDD Broke? -

    Use spin rite to recover data you will get most of it.
  6. Paul Wall

    Photo site script

    all due respect but all i see is a huge error Fatal error: Class 'CAllMain' not found in /home/eldos/www/eldos.com/bitrix/modules/main/classes/mysql/main.php on line 15. so that cant be the best script I have a photo hosting site here Dunno if you want that script cause I can give you it.
  7. Paul Wall

    Google Tells You To F*** Off!

    now that what I call funny!!! O yea this is my post from my Mac in VMware. its sweet.
  8. Paul Wall

    Hackers Test

    ok i just got to level 4 but I am stuck dunno if i need yet but the is useless at this step.
  9. Paul Wall

    Horrid Operating System

    wait i dun get it nothing seems to show up can i get a screen plz.
  10. Paul Wall

    Internet Explorer 8 Beta

    those images are all horribly fake why do any of you believe them the guy is really good at photoshop.
  11. Paul Wall

    OS X on x86-laptop?

    Why can't you help him here? And your not allowed to advertise sites here so follow the rules.
  12. Paul Wall

    Windows XP Pro Key Changer

    yo man here you go Download here.
  13. hey how do you make the contacts list like that in XP or is that vista only.
  14. Paul Wall

    iPhone iPatch

    damn and I really thought it was a real software patch but I would still buy the patch LOL
  15. Paul Wall

    Hi there

    I'm sorry but your saying you have this Pokemon game hopefully the one that fits game boy advanced but its not working or if you wouldn't mind rephrase your need for help in a way that I can understand.