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  1. PikaBoo

    StarCraft II

    Too late Gave all of mine away ...
  2. PikaBoo

    mage of the Day: Calvin and Hobbes do Inception

    That comic was done even before Inception was ummm incepted?
  3. PikaBoo

    StarCraft II

    Yes, I bought it legally. There will hardly be any crack for multiplayer unless pirate servers come up (which is quite possible, but not in the coming 3-6months) I've only been playing a few Quick 2v2 matches. So far haven't gotten addicted to it yet
  4. PikaBoo

    Reputation system is back!

    It does. I've set members to be 5 a day, and incrementally + 1 when the rank goes up with a maximum of 20 for Admins.
  5. PikaBoo

    StarCraft II

    Finished the campaign and keep getting owned in Multiplayer. Who else shares my experience?
  6. PikaBoo

    Staff promotions!

    Congrats guys Looking forward for more exciting stuff in THF with the staff
  7. PikaBoo

    Reputation system is back!

    Good job Super. About setting limits, let me check if there's a setting for that
  8. That's really sad and cruel :'(. My heart weeps for the victims when I read these stories..
  9. PikaBoo

    Frontpage Refreshed!

    Good job Ben.. looks pretty cool
  10. Wow... Kaspersky has been going down the dumps for some time now .. and Now this ... Hmmmm
  11. Nope, it means Intel didn't want the matter going into a Jury trial where they almost always gives the guilty penalty even though Intel is innocent in the first place. Intel maintains its innocence. Read the press release for once
  12. Yes.. I'm not sure why :(

  13. PikaPika your profile is getting error...

  14. Hmm.. is this real? Off-Topic Shayla your avatar pic looks nice.